Crossing 1000+ Posts on Wind8Apps: Thank You!!!


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When I first started this website, back at the end of October, 2012, I didn’t know it would have become so popular, nor that it could manage to produce such a big quantity of good content. Thank you all for reading Wind8Apps!
Last week, we have crossed the 1000 posts barrier, and this is an unbelievable feature to achieve in 2.5 years since Wind8Apps has started to exist. It’s been mostly a one-man blog, which makes the effort even bigger. However, I’ve been helped by many folks to get to this point and I’m very grateful to all of them. Those of you who are actively following Wind8Apps, I’m glad you still have faith in Windows 8 and the power of the Windows Store, because back when I started, around 1000 days ago – interesting coincidence, right ? -, Windows 8 was just a tiny baby. Now, as we face the death of Windows XP, it will definitely pick up.

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I can now proudly say that we are THE NUMBER ONE WEBSITE when it comes to reviewing Windows 8 apps from the Windows Store and keeping you notified of the latest most important updates they have received. We’ve created a lot of awesome content here, and we have also covered some of the most interesting and objective Microsoft news, not just dull, mundane reporting of other Redmond loving blogs. So, I hope that’s why you keeping on reading Wind8Apps.

We’ve been featured and linked from such big websites as TechCrunch, PC World, InfoWorld, WP Central, WinBeta and many, many other websites from all around the world. Our stories have been getting the front page of social sharing website and overall, we’ve managed to build a reputable name. So, thank you for all that and I hope you’ll keep on reading our stories and stay update to date with the latest Windows news.

Thank you.