How to access Microsoft Update Catalog on any browser

Microsoft promised it would allows users to access the Update Catalog on any browser, but for the time being users still have to use Internet Explorer 6.0 or later to download the updates.

If you’re planning to install Internet Explorer for the sole purpose of downloading updates from Microsoft’s Update Catalog, there’s an alternative. You can access the Update Catalog on any browser using the site’s RSS feed. In other words, the RSS feed URL has a stable structure, and the only element that changes is the cumulative update code.

All you have to do is add the code of the cumulative update at the end of the RSS feed URL, copy the string in your browser’s address bar and you’ll access the download link.

How to access the Update Catalog for Windows 7 on any browser

  • The standard RSS feed URL is
  • Replace KB with the actual KB code you’re looking for
  • This loads the RSS feed for that KB article

microsoft update catalog cumulative update

  • In the list of options, search the download link you need

windows 7 microsoft update catalog

  • Copy the download link in your browser’s address bar > the interface of the Update Catalog is now visible

microsoft update Catalog

  • Click on Download now and install the KB on your machine.

How to access the Update Catalog for Windows 10 on any browser

  • Use the standard pattern and add windows+10 as a search term at the end of the string
  • Example:

windows 10 update catalog on any browser

  • All the Windows 10 cumulative updates are listed
  • Copy the link of the update you want to download
  • Paste it in your browser’s address bar and you’ll access Microsoft’s Update Catalog for Windows 10.


Tags: Source: InfoWorld