4 best bandwidth monitors for Windows 10

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If you’re using a limited connection to access Internet on your Windows 10 PC, you should definitely keep a close eye on your bandwidth. Exceeding your bandwidth limit can be charged extra by your ISP, and in order to avoid that you should use a bandwidth monitor.

Bandwidth monitors are small tools that monitor your internet connection while providing you with detailed report on how much bandwidth do you use. These tools are a necessity for all users with limited connections, and today we have several bandwidth monitors for Windows 10 that we want to show you.

Windows 10 bandwidth monitors



NetWorx is a small and free tool designed to measure your Internet speed as well as your bandwidth consumption. This tool allows you to track specific connections, such as your wireless or mobile connection, or all connections simultaneously.

NetWorx allows you to set data quotas and get warnings once you’ve exceeded certain limits. There’s also a net usage graph available, so you can easily monitor how much bandwidth are you using currently. In addition, there’s a detailed report available that allows you to see how much bandwidth are you using on daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also see how much bandwidth does the each user on your computer uses.

NetWorx is a great tool for bandwidth monitoring, and its only flaw is the lack of detailed report that shows you bandwidth consumption by individual application.

BitMeter OS


BitMeter OS is an open source tool that runs in background whenever you start your PC. In order to view bandwidth consumption, you can use your web browser or a command line interface.

This tool can show you your current bandwidth usage, or it can show your bandwidth usage over the past days and weeks. In addition, you can see the summary for the current day, month, or year. If you wish, you can also get a summary for specific days and export reports in CSV format. If you have a bandwidth limit, you can also set an alert to trigger once you exceed a certain threshold.

BitMeter OS is a simple tool, and although it doesn’t offer any advanced features, it should be perfect for basic users that just want to keep a close eye on their bandwidth usage.



FreeMeter is a light bandwidth monitor tool for Windows 10. First thing you’ll notice about this app is its humble interface that consists of a live graph that shows you current network usage. If you don’t want the graph to appear at all times, you can simply minimize it, and the live graph will remain active in your Taskbar. Regarding the graph, you can customize its update frequency, scale, color and transparency.

By double clicking the graph you’ll open a report that shows you your weekly, daily or monthly bandwidth consumption. In addition, you can set alerts if you want to be notified once you’ve exceeded certain limits.

Rokario Bandwidth Monitor


Rokario Bandwidth Monitor is a simple tool that comes with a live graph that shows bandwidth usage in real time. You can customize the graph with wide range of themes and you can easily create your own themes with this tool.

We have to admit that Rokario Bandwidth Monitor lacks certain features such as alerts. As for the report log, it doesn’t allow you to see your monthly or weekly bandwidth usage. Instead, you can only view your bandwidth usage on daily basis.

Monitoring your bandwidth on limited connection is crucial, and if you’re looking for a proper bandwidth monitor for Windows 10, you might want to try NetWorx or any other tool from our list.

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