Best Solitaire Apps for Windows 8, Windows 10


Solitaire for Windows 10, Windows 8 becomes the game you’ve been looking for if you use the best apps from the Windows Store that we have selected for you

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Solitaire is one of the classic games that Windows has had since its early days. This game has evolved to the extent that many third party developers have created their own versions of the game, for all possible platforms. Due to the fact that there are so many different versions of Solitaire, people are starting to wonder, which is the best Solitaire game for Windows 10, Windows 8?

While Windows 8, Windows 10 already comes with the Solitaire collection, which we reviewed in the past, along with the other classic Microsoft games, such as Minesweeper, so users want to try out other versions of solitaire, coming from independent developers, in hopes that they are better than the original version.

Best Solitaire apps for Windows 10 Windows 8

While I can’t say that I agree with those who think that the best Solitaire app can come from another a third party developer, I did try out a few Solitaire apps for Windows 10, Windows 8, and I saw some major differences between them. I compared them to the original Microsoft version in order to have the same starting point.

I analyzed the overall look and feel of the app, as well as the gameplay and ease of use of the functions that come with each game. Also, the games I tested were the free versions, as I did not think it was necessary for someone to pay for a already free game. The games tested are as follows:

4. Simple Solitaire

best-solitaire-app-for-windows-8 (2)

Lack of detail and poor gameplay are the words that describe this game. The background of the app consists of a faded pattern and the cards themselves have a very rugged design. The gameplay is worse than other, as in many cases, you cannot grab some cards from a longer line and move them to another part. The big ad at the bottom of the screen is both distracting and placed in a place where is very easy to click on it by mistake. While I’ve tested worst apps than this one, I can assure you that it ranks pretty low on any scale.

3. Solitaire Pro

best-solitaire-app-for-windows-8 (4)

The app is created by the same developer who made the Spider Solitaire app that is featured in the number 2 position, however, it’s quality is not as good. The cards are pretty big, making it very hard to interact with them once the lines of cards get bigger. The design of the cards is not too good, but still, it’s better than the app before. In order for users to unlock other themes, they must buy the premium app, which although is not much, it is still more expensive than the free Microsoft app. Overall, the app is better than many other but still miles behind from the original version.

2. Spider Solitaire

best-solitaire-app-for-windows-8 (3)

Even if this is not a original Solitaire game, and it is the Spider version, Spider Solitaire comes in the second place of this top. The cards are pretty well visible, despite the fact that the color/sign of each card is massive, and sometimes confusing. After the board gets full and the lines of cards are bigger, it becomes increasingly harder to see and interact with the cards. Also, the ad at the bottom of the screen is somewhat aggravating. The app features a zoom button at the bottom right corner, but when you decrease the zoom, the aspect ratio of the page remained the same, thus having no beneficial impact on the way you see the board.

1. Solitaire HD

best-solitaire-app-for-windows-8 (1)

From all the Solitaire games I’ve tested, Solitaire HD was the best one by far. I had the best graphics of all, having vary easily readable cards, easily movable and with no problems whatsoever in the entire test. There are options to change the layout of the app, if one should choose and the different backgrounds and card styles were all very high quality. Overall, I think that Solitaire HD is the best alternative for the Microsoft Solitaire, even though it has an ad at the top of the screen.

After testing these apps, I came to realize that the best Solitaire is the original Microsoft version. It has awesome graphics, very well created gameplay and with the upgrades that it has received in Windows 10 Windows 8, it is better then ever. So, a final response to the question “Which is the best Solitaire app for Windows 10, Windows 8?” – The original Microsoft Version.

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