How to Change Windows 8, Windows 10 Logon Screen

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Lots of Windows 8, Windows 10 users are complaining about the lack of customization options that are offered by default. However, Windows 8, Windows 10 does have some notable features that allow users to customize their devices. Changing the Windows 8, Windows 10 logon screen is one of these features, and because many are not quite clear on how to do this, today I’ll show your exactly how you can change your logon screen on any Windows 8, Windows 10 device.

Apart from the classic lock screen, Windows 8, Windows 10 does have some other methods of authentication, like picture passwords. We’ll be taking a look at all of these changes you can make to your Windows 8, Windows 10 computer.

Changing the default logon screen on Windows 10, Windows 8

If you’ve recently installed Windows 10, Windows 8, you will probably have the simple picture lock screen that shows you different apps. This screen ca be customized by adding other pictures and other apps, as well as adding a completely new logon screen.

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If you want to change your Windows 8, Windows 10 logon screen picture to another one, you only have to navigate to the Settings charm and click or tap on “Change PC Settings“. From here, under the “Personalize” tab, you will find the option to choose another logon image or browse your computer for a custom picture. In the same window, you have the “Start Screen” tab, which allows you to change the background style and color of the Modern UI screen.

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If you want to change your Windows 8, Windows 10 logon screen to a picture password, all you need to do is to the Users window and click or tap on “Create a Picture Password“. From here, you will enter a wizard where you have to browse your computer for the picture you wish to set as your picture password, then add the three actions that will unlock your computer.

change-windows-8-logon-screen (1)change-windows-8-logon-screen (1)

These actions can be a line, a point or a circle, ans you have to input them in the same order and direction as you originally made them, otherwise it will not allow you to log on to your computer. As you can see, the process of changing the Windows 8, Windows 10 logon screen is pretty easy. It does not require the users to waste too much time on this task, and it also adds to the feel of the device, making it reflect the user’s personality better.

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Another thing you can do is delete the password from your computer. While I strongly advise you to not do this, some users want their computers to open without needing a password. Nevertheless, here’s how you do it:

  • Open the Settings Charm
  • Click or tap on Change PC Settings
  • Click on Users
  • Switch to a Local Account

Note: Removing your computer’s password is not possible when using the Microsoft account, therefore you need to use a local account

  • Click on Change Password
  • After you input your current password, it will promp you for the new one
  • Leave the Password field black and click OK
  • Now, you log on to your computer, you will have the Windows 8, Windows 10 logon screen that you’ve modified earlier and in the User screen, you won’t be prompted for a password.

As you can see, the process of changing the Windows 8, Windows 10 logon screen is very simple and anyone can do it with next to no effort.

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