Encyclopedia Britannica App for Windows 8, 10: Tradition in Providing Knowledge

By: Radu Tyrsina
3 minute read
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Encyclopedia Britannica App should be on all Windows 8, Windows 10 devices
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Some might wonder: why the heck do I need the Encyclopedia Britannica app for Windows 8, Windows 10 when I have Wikipedia at my disposal? In times when for many, Google equals the information search, it would seem that there isn’t room for other options. But I can assure you that even if Google is the absolute king when it comes to information finding, others still have kept their niche. I have recently bought the physical books from the Encyclopedia Britannica and I am quite pleased with it.

We’ve reviewed other educational apps here, on Windows Report, and one of them has been Khan Academy for Windows 10, Windows 8. But here are some other related articles you might be interested in:

Encyclopedia Britannica (the free edition, that is) is a mix of Wikipedia and tradition in providing knowledge, just like we’ve mentioned in the title. So, let’s see what interesting and appealing we can find inside the application.

encyclopedia britannica for windows 8

Encyclopedia Britannica for Windows 10, Windows 8

If you’ve opened up at least one Encyclopedia Britannica book in your life, then you know that the information found inside is organized in alphabetical order, just like inside a dictionary. Naturally, that has been kept and we can find it in the Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT application that we’re reviewing. The information that you’ll find inside the application is basically the same, like you find one the official website, on www.britannica.com

The sad part, of course, for those that can’t afford it, is the price that you’ll have to pay in order to get the full version. But the good part is that you’ll pay only $14.99 for an annual subscription. Comparing to the same amount of information in the “print version”, it’s actually pretty cheap, but then again, you’ll have to pay that amount every year. You should perceive Encyclopedia Britannica as a more “exclusive” Google.

So, in order to get the full functionality from Encyclopedia Britannica, you’ll have to pay that annual subscription. If you’re a student, pupil or just a hungry person for knowledge, then it will perform awesome for you. While you have opened an article, you can do the following while you’re on it:

  • Pin it to the screen for a later read.
  • Access the images and table of contents.
  • Link map: an interesting tool that allows you to link your article to others, if there’s any connection between them.
  • Change font size.
  • Add to favorites.
  • Save article

Get the paid app for full functionality

There are over 80, 000 articles inside the Encyclopedia Britannica application for Windows 10, Windows 8 right there, waiting for you to discover them. The free version will allow you to see the entire content of the articles featured in the “Top Article” section + the daily feature articles. From different articles, you’ll be able to see only 100-words articles.

If you save your article, then it will appear on your Saved “shelf”. If you choose to make it “favorite”, then it will appear under your “Favorites” section for later use. Also, there’s a recent section that will display all the articles that you’ve recently opened up. Also, on the start screen, you’ll see a promoted article related to the meaning of the current day. Also, there’s a “Did You Know?” section that highlights a curious fact. Here’s a video “walkthrough” of the app, as well. We hope you found our review useful.

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