GoW 4 fans label developer The Coalition greedy after recent Gearsmas, UIR Gear Pack release

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The Coalition rolled out this year’s Gearmas offer on December 16 and Gears of War 4 fans can get their hands on the game’s Christmas armor and equipment until January 4.

The Coalition also released a new UIR Gear Pack on December 22, but many fans criticized the company’s move, calling it a greedy attempt to make them pay more money for the game.

Players suggested The Coalition schedule Gearsmas before the UIR Gear Pack so that they have no credits left for the UIR pack and spend real money on that pack.

GoW 4 fans claim that the game developer knew they would stack up credits for Gearsmas. After waiting for a few days for players to spends their credits, the company introduced the UIR Gear Pack. Naturally, most players didn’t have many credits when the UIR Gear Pack arrived. As a result, the only manner to get their hands on this pack was to pay real money.

Gearsmas and the UIR Gear Pack: a proof of TC’s greed?

Yeah Gearsmas! It was fun.
However it should have come with a small subtitle saying “this is actually just here so you have no credits left for the UIR pack and have to spend real money on those.
It’s a real shame. I was enjoying Gearsmas for a while. But in light of today’s UIR announcement I see it for what it truly is.
I think that was their plan from the beginning. They knew most of us will stack up credits and to insult us further, they do this. Because of this, there may not be another Gearsmas again as this was the WORST… POSSIBLE… TIME to announce it. Truly destroyed Gearsmas because of greed.

Also, players are frustrated because they can’t get their hands on the Gearsmas Pack that they want. Many complain they spent thousands of credits on Gearsmas but didn’t get the Festive Tree Lancer, for example. However, it is worth mentioning that some Gearsmas items are listed as rare, which explains why most GoW4 fans still haven’t got their hands on them.


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Here is a thought don’t buy the packs. Play and earn them or don’t get them…..Fing morons

yeah since they are limited to 24 hours, lets just grind 24 hours worth of credits which is like… 10k at most? ok so i just got 2 packs for playing 24 hours straight. oh except they did it on a thursday, and most normal people have jobs and lives that they cant sacrifice 24 hours of straight grinding for 2 of these overpriced packs.they made the packs 24 hours only so you wouldnt have time to earn credits. they timed it right after gearsmas so you wouldnt have credits. it was 100% a planned scheme to squeeze some holiday… Read more »

Then don’t buy it chimpboy. Perhaps you shouldn’t have obsessed over the other packs and saved some credits. Is someone forcing you to buy every pack offered in a given game ? Are you going to cry when you go night night if you don’t have every character and skin ? Fing fruitloops


^What he said.

Most of us knew a UIR pack was coming but no one knew it would be 4400 credits. You are an idiot because you are probably going to be working for the man anyway but your blind obsession over Gears of War has caused you to support immoral tactics. Yet when it comes to your day job, you are going to bitch and complain about benefits being taken away or what you are entitled too. Please don’t play both cards…one in the video-game world and the other in real life because you are a tool if you do so.

Bwahahaha !