Google Earth for Windows 8, Windows 10 [Review]


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We’re still waiting for an official Google Earth App for Windows 10, Windows 8, but you can download and use the desktop version
google earth windows 8 downloadThe Internet giant Google offers a lot of interesting services, covering almost every aspect of one’s virtual identity. Anything from email to app store or just the old search engine, Google seems to have it all. But one thing that Google provides has fascinated thousands : Google Earth. The software that allows anyone to visit any place in the world.

Users of Windows 10, Windows 8 will be rejoiced to know that Google Earth works just as fine as it did on the old generation of operating systems, and even if there isn’t an official Google Earth for Windows 10, Windows 8 app in the Windows Store, those who like it, ca nstill use the desktop program.

Google Earth for Windows 10, Windows 8

As we’ve said, this is not an app from the Windows Store, but a desktop program available for anyone to download and install. In terms of functionality, it provides pretty much all the features that were used to and it integrates seamlessly with Windows 10, Windows 8, having a smooth operation and finding anything extremely fast.

While we can safely say that Google Earth is one of the most innovative software products of its kind out there, we would have liked all the functionality of Google Earth in a Windows 8, Windows 10 app, and not just in the desktop application. In this regard at least, Android and iOS take Windows 8, as Google provides this service as an app for the other mobile operating systems.


Nevertheless, Google Earth for Windows 10, Windows 8 works just as we’d expect it to. It has all the usual features and with version 6, users will have an even better experience.

Now, developers are trying to render 3D trees besides the buildings, making it more realistic. Also, one of the best features that Google Earth for Windows 10, Windows 8 provide (as well as on other operating systems) is the Historical Images feature, which allows anyone to see how cities have evolved over time.

This feature overlaps old satellite photos to the map and you are able to view how a city has grown and how it evolved. We hope to see an official Google Earth for Windows 10, Windows 8 app in the future, but for now, we can safely say that the desktop version of Google Earth works just as fine on Windows 10, Windows 8.

Download Google Earth for Windows 10, Windows 8