Internet Explorer 11 is Slow in Windows 10, Many Users Complain

Windows 10 is currently still in the form of Technical Preview, and Microsoft has advised users that glitches and problems are to be expected. One of them is the slow performance of the default Internet Explorer browser.
internet explorer slow windows 10
Many early testers of Windows 10 have already complained that Internet Explorer is rather slow for them, as a couple of forum posts have surface recently. As a reminder, if you didn’t know,¬†Windows 10 Technical Preview comes with the same Internet Explorer 11 version as¬†in Windows 8.1, but it does sport some¬†improvements.

Windows 10 users have used the Feedback app in Windows 10 TP build 9860 to complain about the existing Internet Explorer version. Here’s what one of them has been saying:

‚ÄúCan’t say why. Page loading super slow. Even already visited pages opened in new tab”

Some have been saying that the Internet Explorer 11 browser also crashes all of a sudden, does not show all letters after update, does not display webpages correctly, and performance with JavaScript is really slow, as Softpedia has pointed out.

Internet Explorer 12¬†is already in the works, so maybe once Windows 10 gets officially released, we’ll get the see the new Internet Explorer version along with the much needed speed an security improvements.

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  • Andre Grindstaff

    The picture… It just ticks me off!

  • Stephen Langton Riley

    I know this is well after the last post but soon after upgrading to 10 I started having the same problems, disabled and re-enabled it and it worked so so for a day and then went right back to snails pace, I was typing a letter every minute, it is ridiculous, is this a ploy to force us to use Edge?, the lightweight pad version on laptops and desktops. I have firefox already and have downloaded Opera as well, IE is being disabled, I am fed up with it, MSN pages have always been slow, cluttered with far too many ad scripts. Interestingly IE 11 originally started consuming vast amounts of CPU but when it went slow, task manager showed nothing major happening????????? What is going on?