Microsoft set to launch its very own game streaming service by 2020

By: George Finley
2 minute read
microsoft game streaming service

Microsoft announced that it’s planning to launch its own game streaming service within three years, according to Phil Spencer during an interview with Bloomberg. Spencer also discussed how Microsoft will increase its investment in third-party games going forward.

Microsoft will debut a streaming service in the next few years

Spencer confessed during the interview that Microsoft plans to debut a streaming service that will allow specific content to be streamed without a console. While back in 2012 a similar idea was peddled, Microsoft decided that it was much too expensive to pursue the idea.

Azure Cloud Services will help sustain the idea

microsoft azure

In the interview, Spencer championed the company’s progress with Azure Cloud Services and how it would change the economics of a streaming service.

If Microsoft’s plan becomes reality, such a streaming service would compete against Sony’s PlayStation Now, which already allows players on the platform stream games.

The Xbox Game Pass is not enough

Microsoft currently offers the Xbox Game Pass, but the games are downloaded straight to the system. If Spencer’s estimate is correct and things go as planned, gamers should be able to stream some titles without a console soon.

This type of streaming services runs the risk of struggling with a few issues, including latency, but if Microsoft has the necessary resources and time, the company can probably work out all the potential problems with a streaming service before or shortly after its debut.


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