Review of Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 8, Windows 10

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This is probably one of the oldest games that have been made for Microsoft and even until now, it retains a stable and constant number of users. Apparently, first versions of Minesweeper have appeared back in the 70’s, when the first games actually were made. Quite a while, Minesweeper has been amongst the “star games” in the Top Free in Windows Store. If you’ve been playing Minesweeper from the very first Microsoft version, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by it in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

review of microsoft minesweeper windows 8

Bringing back good old memories

Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 8, Windows 10 review

Quite soon, there will be a lot of games in Windows Store, but currently, there are only a few. So, until more appealing games will be there, ones that could make even the iPad tremble, we’ll have to make due with such games as Microsoft Minesweeper. But, there’s quite a large number of people that prefer casual games to more advanced ones, so you’ll be surprised to see this one surviving despite of bigger, more challenging games.

Since using apps in Windows 8 and Windows 10¬†I realized that many of them get low ratings, because they are still at their first versions. Well, not with Microsoft Minesweeper. Who knows, maybe because it’s made by Microsoft or simply because it’s such a brilliantly simple game, but it currently has a 4.2 out of 5 rating. Everything is shiny and seems to fill up the entire space efficiently, not like some other apps, like Evernote, fail to do it.

Microsoft Minesweeper Windows 8, Windows 10 features

Obviously, the games is absolutely free. Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 8 and Windows 10¬†is a classic puzzle game that has passed the test of time and has been updated for Windows 8 and Windows 10. And the game isn’t at the first version, as the team has already managed to make an update on October 25. Thought it’s currently not available for ARM devices (those that run the Windows RT), the team at Microsoft Studios has promised to fix that as soon as possible. Here’s what you can do inside:

  • Play 2 different modes: you can choose to play the old, classic Minesweeper style or the Adventure mode. One of the reasons why Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 8 and Windows 10¬†got such a good rating was thanks to the addition of Adventure mode. You must “travel” to the core¬†of the Earth alongside your hero, collecting goodies whileon-the-go. A modern approach to a veteran game is the right solution to make it a successful Windows 8 casual gaming application.
  • Daily challenges: to make sure that users are “hooked up” and stay connected with the game, as simple as it might not seem, Microsoft has create some daily challenges where you can compete against your friends, thus receiving badges. A good ego boost for loyal fans.
  • Xbox integration: using Xbox, you can do the same things as with the daily challenges feature, meaning you can compete against your friends, but you can also see your statistics and submit scores to the leaderboards to see who the king of the hill really is in this game.
  • Different difficulty levels: the beauty of Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 8 and Windows 10 is that it gets more and more challenging for you to solve it. So, if you’re really a brainiac, then you should be able to work your way up until the hardest level. I’ll confess that I am not a big fan of the game, especially because I’m not patient enough.

There’s not too much what else to say about Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 8 and Windows 10¬†as the actions that you can perform there are fairly limited, as it is a very basic game. Suffice to say that the touch experience is pretty awesome and makes it an even more personal game than it previously was. The biggest addition, the Adventure mode, will surely get some love from math loving kids, as they will defnitely love to explore as they make those tedious calculations in their minds.

One of the drawbacks in the game was the fact that you have to watch an ad first, before actually playing, so it was ad-supported. ¬†But, not anymore. But there are users that report a slow start up and often reboots. It didn’t happend during my review of Microsft Minesweeper, however. Here’s what else users have reported as positive changes:

MSFT has done a great job revamping this classic. The changes I particularly like in this release are the new statistics and daily challenges. Some of the new game types such as “Flags” are excellent for gaining more of an intuition of the game. I’m not particularly fond of the “adventure” mode, but I imagine it caters to a younger audience. The weak link in this app by far, are the ads before the daily challenge; they can be quite intrusive. Luckily, these ads not played before most game types.

Have a look at the video below to see Minesweeper for Windows 8 and Windows 10 in action:

Update: Great news for Minesweeper lovers. The version for Windows RT has been officialy launched. So, get your Surface RT or other tablets that you have for RT and start playing this old, but always awesome game!

[Microsoft Minesweeper for Windows 8]


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