Current State of Windows 8, Windows 10 Apps in the Windows Store

itunes apple store vs google play evolution

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Currently, there are about 3000 Windows 8 applications in the Windows Store, at the time of the writing (October 24, 2 days ahead of Windows 8 launch). And the sad part is that amongst those 3000 applications, you might not find some very important ones. Just recently, for example, a Skype version has been added (Skype is owned by Microsft) and a Google search app, as well, if we are to recount the most recent and important ones. That’s not enough even for the starting users.
windows 8 store apps
We will be  counting just how many applications are in the Windows Store as much as we will can and will keep you updated on this. We all want the Windows Store to thrive, right?

Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store are just a few

Microsoft might have a good strategy for pushing out Windows 8, but they’re not doing anything in special to attract developers. But they did stress out that designing applications for the “Metro-style” interface is much, much easier than it was to design programs for Windows 7, so we can only hope that’s about as true. There are could be much more Windows 8 apps, but we’re not sure just how soon will that happen. Let’s have a look at other platforms.

At the moment, there are more than 700,000 applications in iTunes and about the same number on the Google Play market, too. But, it’s really not fair to compair these two giants with Windows, since it’s just starting out. Let’s have a look at the graph for both iTunes and Android and see just how they have evolved during the years. It might not be the most accurate graph of them all, but it’s good to have an idea of how things evolved:

how many windows 8 applications are there

They are now almost equal

What we can see is that at the beginning, there were just a few apps. More inside data tells us that in the beginning, there were actually much less applications in iOS and Android than there currently are in Windows 8! Let’s have a closer look, from July 2008 until September the number of apps increased to 3000. So, it took 3 months for developers to start populating the store with apps. The same is true for Android. So, why is everybody complaining today about the scarcity of apps in the Windows Store? Have some patience, folks.

And I am ready to make a bet with you that the number of Windows 8 applications will increase at a faster pace than it happened with iOS and Android? Why? Well, think about how many people are acquainted with Windows, are using it and how many were using iOS and Android in the beginning. Sure, not everybody will switch to Windows 8, especially because it isn’t that easy to adapt to it on the desktop, but Windows is much more known to the world than Android/iOS was in the beginning. So, you just give it some time and you’ll be amazed by the number.

Wel’ll keep track of how things evolve and be sure to check our website as we will update you with news and numbers about the current state of Windows 8 applications.

Evolution of Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store

Update 1: Here is the first update to the number of Windows 8 apps that currently are in the Windows Store. According to the latest reports, currently, there are about 13,000 applications in the Windows store (8 November, 2012). Basically, in slightly more than a week after the launch, the Windows Store has increased by 50%, so this is a good sign for Microsoft. But, if you ask me, I don’t think this growth is sustained by apps that are “professional”, to say so.

My biggest issue with the Windows Store is that there might be enough applications, but most of them are applications that are published by amateur developers and ones that you’ll delete as soon as you download them. Let’s hope that the Windows Store will not increase only in quantity but also in quality.

Update 2: the Windows Store just keeps on growing, if you had any doubts about that! One week after the latest update, we know have around 16, 000 Windows 8 and Windows RT applications in the Windows Store, 3000 more than than on our previous update. This means that the Windows Store is growing by roughly 3,000 applications per week, which means around 12, 000 applications per month. Still, it’s pretty far from Microsoft’s own estimate of 100, 000 by February.

Some sources say that 8 million Windows 8 copies have been sold, but we’re yet expecting for tablets with Windows 8 and RT to start pondering on iOS and Android. Because, the current growth is no match for these stores, in one year, we’ll see the Windows Store only grow by around 150, 000 apps. Compare that to 700,000+ apps in iOS and Android and you have 4 years until Windows Store can rival them. So, let’s hope more developers will feel “the love” for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Update 3: the Windows Store is enlarging and the number of apps is always increasing. It’s now 23 November and rumor has it that there are even more than 20, 000 apps in the Store for Windows 8 and RT. The last time we reported there were 16, 000 apps and now that number has increased by 4, 000 apps, which means slightly over the 3, ooo applications per week number that we’ve managed to get. Let’s hope that the interest of developers will pick up and also, once more tablets will be sold, more users will be there – the perfect “target” for developers.

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Update 4: Windows 8 developers, it seems that you are working hard in front of your desks! The latest report has it that currently, there are more than 25, 000 applications in the Windows Store. This means that the Windows Store is growing at the previous rate, which is both good and bad news, in the same time. It’s good because the Store keeps on growing but it’s bad because it’s growing at a “slow” pace. Let’s hope we’ll hear better news.

Update 5: For those out there that are wondering – how many apps are in the Windows 8/RT Windows Store, we are still updating this article. Five days before Christmas, new reports suggest that there are already more than 30, 000 apps in the Store, but the problem still persists with useless and not relevant apps. Microsoft needs to do something about that, for sure.

Update 6: It’s been a while since the last update, but the Windows Store hasn’t stopped growing, though. According to the MetroStore scanner website, we are reaching soon 50, 000 applications for Windows 8 and Windows RT! Of course, it still has a looong way before it can rival with Google Play or the might Apple App Store, but don’t forget that Windows 8 is a bet for the future that will slowly, but surely gain traction.

Update 7: We’re updating the article to inform you about the number of apps in the Windows Store because it appears that we have reached a milestone, boys and girls! According to data obtained by WinBeta, the number of apps, Windows 8 and Windows RT will soon reach 100, 000! This is indeed awesome as it’s double than the amount we spoke about in the last update! Keep it going, awesome developers!

Update 8 – it’s been a while since we updated this article, but as we’re reaching the end of 2015, it seems that the release of Windows 10 has boosted the number of apps on the Windows Store which are said to be more than 700,000.

The number of Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store is growing day by day and now, in January 2014, it has amounted to an impressive 150,000. Could it be that by the end of 2014, there will be 500,000 Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store? I strongly believe so.