Windows 10 Cloud hacked to run Win32 apps: Here’s the demo


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Windows 10 Cloud is a special variant of Microsoft’s operating system that has surfaced in the Preview build of the upcoming major update patch that emulates the characteristics of Windows RT but on the Windows 10 platform.

Already hacked

Fresh news is in regarding Windows 10 Cloud having already been hacked. The thing to keep in mind here is that it hasn’t been even released since Windows 10 Cloud is only available through Preview builds. That being said, hackers still found a way to hack it and make it so that traditional Win32 applications can be installed and used on the OS.

For those not familiar with the concept of Windows 10 Cloud, the new operating system is supposed to offer a similar experience to Google’s Chrome OS and the Chromebook laptops. The majority of tasks and operations will take place online and the OS will only allow users to install Microsoft Windows Store apps. This could allow Microsoft to more efficiently spread Windows 10 and increase its market share by selling cheap devices running Windows 10 Cloud with the option of upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.

Not the first time around

A similar effort was attempted back in the Windows 8 days when Windows RT tried to offer the same experience. Unfortunately, that OS wasn’t very successful and many critiqued Windows RT’s limitations and lack of viability in the market.

Win32 apps are your regular programs that you install and use on your computer. Limiting the OS to only accept Windows Store apps is a great limitation but might come in handy in cases where the users looking for a more restrained environment. Microsoft also seems to be going after some market share in the education segment where Chromebooks reign supreme.

Limiting devices to only functioning with Windows Store apps might not be such a bad idea in a context where the device is only used by kids for education. The fact that Windows 10 Cloud has already been hacked raises some concerns pertaining to the future of this OS, though.


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