Set Alarm in Windows 8, Windows 10 with Alarm Clock


Wake up always on time with this Windows 8 Alarm Clock app
windows 8 alarm clock
Waking up in the morning is a nightmare for the vast majority of us, and the humble alarm clock is a life saver. In the past years, the old alarm clock has been mostly replaced with our smartphones and mobile devices, and this is also true for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users.

Although the Windows Store has a number of Alarm Apps, we figured that functionality is more important than looks, and the app we picked was Alarm Clock by See Sharp Guys. Now, let’s see what this app is capable of.

Alarm Clock for Windows 8, Windows 10


The app is one of the most simple ones we could find, offering pretty much any feature you would like. Also, it is freely downloadable from the Windows Store.

The app’s UI is very simple, having only a few setting that need to be done in order to set it up. Users benefit from 4 different clock interfaces, with different backgrounds, and if they wish, they can add their own background to the clock.

The alarm is simple to set up, allowing users to create repetitive alarms and they can also add any audio file as the alarm’s sound. This is a great feature that allows users of the app to wake up to the sounds of their favorite music.


Also, there is the option to add a newsfeed to your clock, having to choose from a few services such as Yahoo! Weather, Sports or other service, or tech websites like Engadget or The Verge. The clock also features a 12 hr and 24 hr format and it shows seconds as well.

In the drawback zone we can say that it does not allow users to set up more newsfeeds at the same time. It would be great if users could add weather as well as headlines on the same screen.


Apart from this, the app is pretty well designed and it does its job pretty good. It’s simple to use interface and easy to read clock make it a perfect night time companion, especially thanks to its night mode, where all other sounds except the alarm are disabled.

Download Alarm Clock for Windows 10, Windows 8


  • Ben Visser

    Does it work if the computer is in sleep mode?

    • Radu Tyrsina

      I guess it should work, Ben. Did you try?

    • Nedelcu Ionut

      See Sharp Guys is right, apps cannot wake Windows, but there are other solutions that might work

  • See Sharp Guys

    Ben & Radu, this is actually a limitation on the Windows 8 platform as an application cannot wake the computer from sleep mode unless it is a desktop application. This does limit us to what we can do but we are open to other feature suggestions from our users!

    • Ben Visser

      Hey, thanks for taking the time to answer. Using the task scheduler I can bring the computer out sleep and then the alarm goes off a few minutes later… Works fine. Hacky though.
      Pity windows doesn’t play ball.

  • Freeje

    Installed but when I click on it, it won’t run.

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  • Tom M

    Garbage. You can’t even add your own sounds.
    This alarm won’t wake up any human being because you can’t set it loud enough or choose a decent sound (or add your own). You can barely hear it with any system at max volume.

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