Best Windows 8, 10 Feedly App: Readiy

After Google has announced that they will shutdown the Google Reader service, many Windows 8 users have started to look for alternatives both on their Windows 8 tablets and Windows 8 desktop devices. Today we are writing about Readiy, which seems to be the best Windows 8 Feedly app to try out
windows 8 feedly app
In the past, we have shared with you plenty of Windows 8 news apps to try out, as well as five of the best Windows 8 RSS feed reader apps. But if that’s not enough and you are looking for a specific Windows 8 Feedly client, then Readiy is the one you should download (link at the end of the article). Readiy will be a beautiful replacement of Feedly or Google Reader on your Windows 8 tablet or even on your Windows 8 desktop device.

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Best Windows 8 Feedly app for your tablet

Redesigned for 8.1. Readiy is a Feedly client/RSS reader. Simple, no frill, fast (no really, it’s fast), intuitive and beautiful. Give it a shot and you’ll know why tens of thousands of users love Readiy. Note: Feedly requires a Google account to sign in. Create a free Feedly account at to be able to use Readiy.

Readiy has also been redesigned for Windows 8.1 and it looks even better than before. The free version of Readiy is really gorgeous and proof to that is the good number of ratings but you can also choose the Pro version which comes with more features. Also, thanks to full Windows 8.1 support, you can pin it to the Start Screen and choose whatever size you wish to.

Among the most important features of this great Windows 8 Feedly app we find the fast synchronization speed, the image rich layout, multiple reading modes, sharing options, multiple themes, the ability to control tile sizes on items view, multiple live tiles, sorting and filtering, quick access to main functions, keyboard fully supported, safe authentication and background notifications. Follow the link from below to get it from the Windows Store.

Download Feedly app Readiy for Windows 8