4 Apps to Watch Free Movies in Windows 8, Windows 10

enjoy movies windows 8 free movies

If you’re looking to watch free movies on your Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet, then you definitely need to check out these apps. Read below to find more about them
free movies windows 8
Everybody loves movies. Some prefer Comedy and some prefer Horror or Thriller, nevertheless we all like those quiet family nights when we gather around the screen with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a good flick. Movie lovers who own a Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows RT machine have an extra reason to be happy  – they can enjoy some really amazing free apps which allows them to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. Check out the best of them:

crackle windows 8

Windows 8, Windows 10 Free Movie apps worth checking out

Crackle [Free]

The app is so far only available for users located in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Latin America. Movie addicts can choose from a large variety of genres like Action, Anime, Music, Comedy, Crime, Horror, Thriller and Sci-Fi. After downloading the app there’s nothing stopping you from enjoy your all times favorite shows and movies like Gattaca, Iron Man, Spider Man, Resident Evil and much more.

For those using a mobile device, gaming consoles or TV to watch videos, a watch list can be create so one can be sure they won’t miss any episodes.

Movie Planet [Free]

movie planet free movies windows 8

YouTube is an enormous platform and a lot of full content is streamed around it. This free app acts like an index for YouTube videos which feature movies and TV show episodes. The app distributes more than 5, 000 free movies in different categories like War, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Musicals and much more.

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The app is updated daily with new findings. Videos are ranked according to the IMDB ratings and each movie features a mini synopsis – so viewers can discover new content.

Enjoy Movies [Free]

enjoy movies windows 8 free movies

This app has been recently launched on the market, therefore it free for the moment. However this will not last long, so we advise you to take advantage of it, while you can. It features an immense catalogue of movies from the latest arriving on the big screen to the classic ones you might want to re-watch. Each movie features an overview of the plot.

There are some extra feats which we haven’t spotted in any other apps of the like – like the ability to download wallpapers and set them up as your lock screen. If you own a Microsoft Account even better, you can create a watch list and then sync it with all your Windows 8, Windows 10 devices.

Anime [Free]

anime fame windows 8 free movie

Because we noticed a lot of Anime lovers lately, this app allows fans to have access to a collection of YouTube uploaded videos. It indexes a lot of Anime videos and Anime Movies, which some might have overlooked. Discover new Animes and enjoy hours of fun!