Six Best Windows 8, Windows 10 GPS Apps to Use

If you own a Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet, then you’re probably looking to get some good GPS apps for it, since it doesn’t make sense to buy a standalone GPS device for that; we have collected some of the best for you to use
windows 8 gps app
We all know that when planning a trip to unknown locations, a great deal of research must be conducted before hand. Routs have to be carefully planned before adventuring into places one has never been before, to avoid getting lost and in order to save up on time and money.

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So having around a good GPS program to rely on is a very important thing to have for travelling lovers and people who have to go travel a lot of the time. And in Windows 8, Windows 10 you can be sure to encounter a full host of appropriate GPS apps which will help you plan your routes very easily. We’re going to examine the best of them in what follows.

Some of the best Windows 8, Windows 10 GPS apps you need

Nokia Here Maps [Free]

here maps windows 8.1

Nokia’s Here Maps service has recently been released in the Windows Store for Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, as well as Windows RT and RT 8.1 users. Those who have been using the app on other platforms already know that it’s one of the best mapping and GPS tools in the whole world, since Nokia is one of the most important brands in the world of mobile, so go ahead and download it and start using as a GPS assistant or mapping tool.

Maps Pro [$2.49]

Maps Pro is one of the most advanced Windows 8, Windows 10 GPS apps you can find in the Store. For one, it allows the users to choose the style of the map he/she is more comfortable with. The range of choice is pretty vast and includes 20 styles ranging from Nokia, MapBox, Stamen, OpenStreetMap or Bing Maps. The app allows you to find places via its very advanced Direction feature.
maps pro windows 8 gps app

You can find out information by entering the address of the place or with the help of geo-location. The app allows you to choose from three different ways of covering the distance: Driving, Cycling or Walking. There are over 80+ categories of places of interest to be showcased on your map like restaurants, parks or hotels. The app offers a free trial of 7 days but after you will have to pay $2.49 to purchase it.

GPS Satellite [Free]

gps satellite windows 8 gps app

This is an old school GPS app for Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows RT which quickly displays your location. It is also able to calculate the course data from where your GPS receiver is detected via orbiting global positioning satellite signals. All you need to do is set the right parameters and the app can direct you the Colosseum from the place you are staying in, if you happen to be in Rome. GPS Satellite for Windows 8, Windows 10 will map your location and the path you choose to travel by. Users can also add geocache and geo-location points, which can later pop on the map.

TravelMate [Free]

travel mate windows 8 gps app

TravelMate is an app for both Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows RT which is mostly destined at people going out and about on vacations to enjoy themselves and breath in the atmosphere of the country/place they are in. TravelMate will use GPS functionalities in order to direct you to the nearest places of interested in a city namely hotels, pubs, restaurants, transportation centers, gas station but also places to visit like lakes or museums. The app will necessitate a network connection so it can do the heavy lifting. It will then detect immediately “Where we are” and what’s “Around me”. Happy exploring!

Bike Route Explorer [Free]

bike route explorer windows 8 gps app

For those that love to leave the car at home and rather use the bike to get some exercise, Bike Route Explorer is the must have GPS app for your Windows 8, Windows 10 device (tablet or hybrid). Create your bike routes with the help of GPX data which allows you to calculate the distance between the place you starting and the destination, the time in which you should get there based on max and average speed. Those in search of new trails can also import and check out *.GPX files from Bing and plan future escapades.

MapSpeedo [$1.99]

map speedo windows 8 gps app

MapSpeedo is another awesome Windows 8, Windows 10 GPS app created to help you better navigate the urban environment and due to its speedometer based GPS will provide very accurate information. The maps within the app can come in three types: Road, Aerial, Bird’s Eye. MapSpeedo will automatically detect your location and then show you how much time it will take to get to a place based on your speed.

World Explorer- Travel Guide [Free]

world travel guide windows 8 gps app

For the passionate traveler, here is a continuously updated Windows 8, Windows 10 GPS app that features the best travel guides for major cities across the world. No matter where you are off to, Word Explorer uses GPS location features to direct you to the most posh spots in town. Find the best restaurants or gift shops or the most interesting museums and monuments to visit.

Word Explorer functions as a mini encyclopedia, providing you with detailed information about the city you are in. But on top of that you get the must see objectives of the area, plus how many meters until you arrive at the destination. Each objective is rated between 1 and 5 stars as to help you decided which is worth visiting and which is not.

ViaMichelin [Free]

viamichelin windows 8

ViaMichelin is one of the best GPS apps, and this time I really mean it, because when this post was originally created, there weren’t so many GPS apps in the Windows Store. You can check out our review for more details, but what you need to know is that it comes with a bunch of useful features, such as interactive map displays, advanced route planing options, car parks, petrol stations, the weather and traffic in real-time.

Update: it has come to our attention that Bike Explorer and Travel Mate are no longer available in the Windows Store. We don’t know why they have been pulled off as the developers haven’t contacted us yet.

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