Windows 8, Windows 10 Recipe Apps to Cook Like a Gourmet Chef

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With the right recipe apps, your Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet can become a real cooking book. We have included below one of the best Windows 8, Windows 10 recipe apps for you to use. Bon appetit!
windows 8 cooking apps
Let’s face it, not anyone can cook fancy meals and complex dishes. However, having a recipe book handy might help you create a dish that you couldn’t have imagined doing. Also, even experienced cooks, sometimes need a recipe book, just refresh their memory. But thanks to the continuous advance of technology, recipe books have somewhat been replaced by recipe apps, and Windows 8, Windows 10 users can use such recipe apps with great ease.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at some great recipe apps for Windows 10, Windows 8 that will give you a helping hand in the kitchen. They will allow you to find awesome recipes that you can trey and create, as well ass give you information on how to cook them.  In some cases, you will also have the the possibility to add your own recipes so other can try them.

Best Windows 8, Windows 10 Recipe/Cooking Apps

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to cook a fine dish. All you need is to have the right ingredients and to have a guide to show the steps. With these Windows 8, Windows 10 recipe apps, you will have all that information so you can impress everyone who comes to your house for dinner.


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Probably one of the best Windows 8, Windows 10 recipe apps of all is Allrecipes. This app offers users a perfect balance between design and functionality as well as an impressive number of recipes. From the start, you are greeted by a main menu that features recipe ideas or a filtering option based on ingredients. The filtering menu can be refined after choosing the main ingredient by adding other ingredients and you also have the option to search recipes that do not contain a certain ingredient.

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The number of recipes pretty impressive, and the way you search for them is also unique and very good. I would like to see this system implemented by other developers, as it puts complete control of the results in the hands of the user. There is no support for video, which would have been a awesome addition to the app, but it does provide the possibility to rate and review each dish.

Download Allrecipes for Windows 10, Windows 8 Recipe Videos

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If you are looking for a Windows 8, Windows 10 recipe app that provides you with thousands of awesome recipes for all manner of dishes, the Recipe Videos is the perfect app for you. The is a pretty well known cooking website, therefore, you would expect that their official recipe app would be very high quality. Which it is. The user interface of the app is very easy to navigate and the content that it offers is top notch, especially thanks to the panel that shows nutritional value for each dish.

Besides it’s high quality content and many recipes, the thing that sets Recipe Videos apart from the rest is, as the name suggests, videos showing you how to prepare the dishes featured. While I could not test each and every recipe to see if it has a video, the many that I did look at, all had a video showing how you can prepare the dish. The videos are submitted by users, therefore, not all of them are high quality. Nevertheless, Recipe Videos is a great cooking app for Windows 10, Windows 8.

Download Recipe Videos for Windows 10, Windows 8


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CookBook is one of the best looking Windows 8, Windows 10 recipe/cooking apps you will find. But besides its looks, it also features lots of recipes for diverse dishes, all categorized into menus such as Main Courses, Deserts, Salads and others. Each recipe is very easy to follow, having a panel with the ingredients needed, and one that shows the cooking process step by step. Users can also comment on recipes and if they want, they ca upload their own.

Overall, CookBook is a very well designed Windows 8, Windows 10 recipe app, with great content and a very neatly designed interface. Users that want to easily find different recipes will be pleased with it and if you also want to share your own creations, than you will find CookBook a perfect addition to your Windows 8, Windows 10 device.

Download CookBook for Windows 10, Windows 8


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While other Windows 8, Windows 10 recipe apps try to impress users by having complex designs and over the top graphics, Recipe4Share is more focused on content and the easiest possible way to give the user what he wants. While the app does not have too complex graphics or beautiful backgrounds and transitions between menus, it does however have a simple and intuitive user interface that allows everyone to find the information that they want.

The app’s menu is divided into categories of dishes, starting from Main Courses, Appetizers, Deserts and all the way different types of drinks or other interesting types of food.Each of these categories has a Top and New section, so users can find the best recipes or the newest added, which they can try. The information for all dishes is very well structured and easy to follow. Users can also upload their own recipes. I think that Recipe4Share has the potential to be one of the best recipe apps for Windows 10, Windows 8.

Although a few modifications in the design department would benefit the app, and the addition for videos would also have a big impact. Nevertheless, I feel that anyone would greatly benefit by using Recipe4Share, and it can prove to be of great help in the kitchen.

Download Recipe4share for Windows 10, Windows 8


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A simple app that provides users with lots of interesting recipe that they can try is Sweet’N’Spicy. The app’s user interface is well designed, the transition between menus is very fast and the overall layout is easy to use. The users have many recipes at their disposal, however, they are not described as well as they are in other apps. Nevertheless, they provide all the information you need, so you can make some awesome dishes.

You can also do a search of the app for recipes that are made with different ingredients. This feature is accessible via the My Kitchen tab, and it provides a great addition to the app, as it lets you look for recipes that are created with anything you have lying around your kitchen.

Download Sweet’N’Spicy for Windows 10, Windows 8

There are lots of other cooking/recipe apps for Windows 10, Windows 8 available on the Windows Store. However, some of them, like Recipe Keeper, have a great user interface, but for the moment, there are not too many recipes featured. However, in the near future, they will provide users with lots of cooking ideas. It all depends on how well the public takes to them and how many recipes are are submitted. Nevertheless, I think that in no time, there will be a lot of other great cooking apps for Windows 10, Windows 8.

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