Discovery+ is a Minecraft-like Game for Windows 8 You Need to Check out

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Minecraft is maybe one of the most popular Windows 8 games that are available on Windows Store. Now, if you want to explore more similar apps, then you definitely have to try Discovery+, which brings a redesigned and also improved Minecraft-like experience.discovery+ windows 8
With Discovery+ you can test and explore your creative side as you will be able to build and design a virtual world, just like you imagine it in your head. This game will be perfect for those who want to test their projects and to see how an idea can become something real whether we are talking about a house, various buildings or even a city or an actual community. Discovery+ features an easy to use interface along with high end graphics and great effects starting from beautiful sunsets and ending with various buildings parts that are designed in detail and which can be then used for creating a real piece of art.

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Discovery+: Rediscover your creative side and create your own virtual world

Similar with Minecraft, with Discovery+ you can use different blocks in order to create, explore and modify a giant world that is made up from your own imagination. You can construct houses, build villages, cities, monumental constructions or dig deep under the earth. Also you can illuminate your creation by placing torches and you can watch stars at night, sunsets or sunrises. The game will provide realistic lights and shadows, different times of day, relaxing music and various nature sounds and other features which can be easily used through an intuitive user interface.discovery+ gameplay

During time, Discovery+ received several updates, so now the app is stable and smoothly runs on any Windows 8 based devices, including Windows 8.1 or Windows RT powered handsets. The game can be used on touch based gadgets or on computers, laptops and desktops and of course, it can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store, where it is priced at $2.49.

Download Discovery+ from Windows Store.


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