Find the Perfect Outfit with Outfitzy App for Windows 8

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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Being a stylish person is not easy especially when trying to find the best outfit for important or casual events. In that matter you might need some professional help or assistance which can now be obtained easier than you might imagine.outfizy windows 8
When mentioning the term of professional help you might think I will recommend you a personal stylist, but that’s far from my thoughts. In fact I am thinking about a dedicated Windows 8 app to use on your tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone in order to find the perfect outfit in a minute or less. So, learning how to combine different clothes from your personal wardrobe will be something natural since you will be able to test different outfits right on your Windows 8 based device.

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Outfitzy: learn what to wear and when to wear your clothes

We all know that we have to dress differently depending on the event where we must be present. So, finding the perfect outfit is essential, especially if we are a public figure or if we must make a good first impression. Here is where Outfitzy will help you out; the app will provide a complex database from where you will be able to mix and test different outfits that combines your own clothes.

You can use costumes, shirts, jeans and any other article from your personal wardrobe as the Outfitzy database can be easily customized with new data (in that matter you can add, or remove products with ease). Outfitzy comes with great features and with an easy to use interface that will speed up the process of finding your perfect outfit.outfizy database

Outfitzy is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT and of course it can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store on any device you want. The tool is priced at $2.99, but you can choose to test the software first as a trial version is also available.

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Download Outfitzy from Windows Store.

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