OFunnel App for Windows 8 Launched, a Professional Relationship Discovery Tool

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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When you are in charge with executive operations or when you try to develop new relations between your company and other business related fields, you need to stay in touch with everything that’s new on the business area. Well, now you can do that by using your own Windows 8 base device.ofunnel windows 8

Establishing new relations within your own company or between your company and possible work partners is extremely important especially if you want to be a successful business man and of course if you want to lead a successful company – learn how to use your Windows device for business dedicated operations by checking “top 10 new features for business in Windows 8.1. In that matter you should know that a dedicated app has been released on Windows Store. I am talking about OFunnel which represents something like Google Alerts for Relationships.

With OFunnel you will be able to use your own Windows 8 powered device in order to complete work related tasks such as hiring peoples, extend your market coverage and monitor all of the connections that are happening in your social networks.

OFunnel for Windows 8: A great help for business

What can you do with OFunnel? Basically you can observe and manage the connections that are being established in LinkedIn and that are of interest to you. Thus you can see new profiles, you can interview people or candidates, you can track who your competitor is connecting to and you can easily update your target accounts by various categories such as company, person or role.ofunnel features

Using OFunnel is easy, the software providing an intuitive user interface and instant access to your social media network. You can receive alerts and daily mails, everything just for managing your relations in real time.

The tool is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT and it is available for free on Windows Store. So, if you think that you might enjoy OFunnel on your tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone, don’t hesitate and test the same.

Download OFunnel from Windows Store.