Use Stencil App for Windows 8.1 to Create Flowchart Diagrams, Mind Maps, Organization Charts

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The best when having a Windows 8 portable and / or touch based device is that you can use your handset for completing various operations. Thus, you can perform business-related tasks, you can use your device for studying, or you can use it just for entertainment purpose (for watching movies, listening to music, capturing photos, playing games and so on).stencil windows 8
In term of work related operations, you can transform your Windows 8 based device into a real trustful partner as you can download and use various business apps from Windows Store (you can try MoBu software – which is a financial platform – in that matter). One of these tools is Stencil, a great software that can be installed and used for creating flowchart diagrams, mind maps or organization charts.

Therefore, Stencil will be the perfect tool to use when trying to make a quick presentation, when showing reports and status of performances for your company or even when thinking in developing a new software as in that case creating diagrams and charts is a must.

Stencil for Windows 8: Your own dedicated diagram service

How Stencil works? Well, first of all you will have to launch the app. Then like as you would do when using a desktop program you should create a new project. Next choose the type of diagram you want to create (flowchart diagrams, mind maps, organization charts, and much more) and just start working. The app is featuring great settings and you will be able to create your diagram by using in-built options without any kinds of problems, and within a few minutes (depending on the project you want to complete).create diagrams windows 8

Stencil is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT powered devices and it is priced $1.29 on Windows Store. After testing the tool, don’t forget about us and share your experience and your thoughts with us and with our readers.

Download Stencil from Windows Store.


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