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Do you love to solve crosswords puzzles, or are you buying daily newspapers just for receiving your favorite crosswords and for embracing new challenges? Well, now you can choose an easier way to do all that as Crosswords Daily can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store.crosswords daily windows 8
With this app you will be able to get rid of classic newspapers and you can choose to solve crosswords puzzles in a more interactive way. Though you can spend more time for doing what you like as this app can be installed on any Windows 8 device, including tablets, laptops or computers. Basically you will be able to solve crosswords while you are at work (during your brake of course), at school, at home with your family, or while traveling.

Crosswords Daily: Your Hobby that fits in your pocket

With Crosswords Daily you can receive daily challenges as various newspapers are providing their crossword puzzles online through this amazing Windows 8 app. The tool can be used by both beginners and advanced users, as you can get hints, view clues, and track your results, everything within a tap or a click.a daily crossword chalange

Crosswords Daily features US and UK Cryptic puzzles that come from different newspapers and websites, each crosswords being optimized for the Windows 8 system, whether you are using a touch based tablet or laptop or a classic desktop or computer. The best is that you can use this app on any handset you want, the tool being compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT systems.

This is not the only crosswords-based tool available on Windows Store, so if you like these types of programs, you should also try Hangman Pro, an addictive and interactive crossword game.

Crosswords Daily can be downloaded from Windows Store, where it is priced at $9.99 – unfortunately there is no free trial version available for you, so you need to get the full app without being able to previously test the same.

Download Crosswords Daily from Windows Store.


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