Super Polygon for Windows 8 is an Addictive, Music-rhythm Based Game

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Do you like to play games that test your concentration and your skills? Well, if so then I have the perfect app for you; Super Polygon was recently released on Windows Store, so don’t hesitate and read our small review by checking the following lines.super polygon windows 8
On Windows Store you can find various games, though as usual, not all the apps are good enough, whether we are talking about graphics, stability status, features and so on. That’s why, before downloading a new app (especially if you have to buy it) you should read a small review about the same. In that matter, you should check the Super Polygon software, which managed to surprise us in a pleasant way, even though on a first sight you might be tempted to ignore it.

Super Polygon: A great and addictive game available for free on Window Store

Super Polygon must be tried by everyone as it is a great game. Of course, first you will find it quite frustrating and annoying since it will be so hard to complete the challenges, but then once you will learn what you need to do, you will spend many hours trying to complete all the levels that are being available.super polygon gameplay

The graphics are not spectacular, the game looking deceptively simple, though the gameplay is “hard to master”. Basically you will be trapped in a polygonal world where you will die for several times and repeatedly, until you will learn how to get pass the obstacles. The game also features hypnotic music-rhythm, a music that will guide you through each level.

Your goal is to stay alive, to complete the tasks and to gain higher scores than your friends and also to improve your last performances. You can play Super Polygon on any Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT powered device and you can test the app for free by downloading the same from Windows Store.

Download Super Polygon from Windows Store.


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