KBible is an Offline Bible Reader App for Windows 8 with Useful Features

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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The Bible is a book that should be read by anyone, whether we are talking about religious persons or about people with individual beliefs. So, in case you want to read the Bible, then you can now use your Windows 8 based device in that matter.kbible windows 8
The Bible is a complex book, where you can find precious info, even if you are not a religious kind of person. Furthermore, the Bible is first of all a moral lesson, a lesson which should be thought to everybody as in this way, we can create our own perspective about life and our own principles. Anyway, unfortunately the Bible can be difficult to read because it is fraught with meaning and not everyone can find enough time to spend on reading and in understanding the Bible.

But, now you can schedule your reading and you can actually read whenever you want and how much you want by using your Windows 8 tablet, laptop, or desktop. In that matter you can download the KBible app from Windows Store.

KBible: read the Bible right from your own portable device

KBible is a Bible Reader app which had just been made available on Windows Store. With KBible you can read the Bible from your Windows 8 device when traveling, when taking a break from your daily activities, when waiting for the bus and actually whenever you want. The best is that the app can be used even when an Internet connection isn’t available, as once you download the Bible on your handset you can read it offline.read the bible for free

KBible is also featuring great options such as word and string search engine, browse history, go to verse directly and lot more. The tool is offering an intuitive user interface that can be used even by a newbie who is on his first reading from a portable device experience.

In case you want to test KBible on your own device, don’t hesitate and download the app for free from Windows Store. The software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT powered devices, so you will be able to install the tool on any laptop, desktop or tablet you want. If this app isn’t good enough for you, then you should check our “top 5 Windows 8 Bible apps” review.

Download KBible from Windows Store.

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