Westpac Banking App for Windows 8 Launched, Download now

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Managing your accounts, transferring money and paying bills are activities, or operations that can now be completed with ease, right from your own Windows 8 device, by using a dedicated banking app.westpac banking windows 8
In that matter you should know that Westpac Banking software is now available on Windows Store, so you can anytime download and use the same on your Windows 8 based device. By using this official client you can perform banking operation within a tap, right from your portable device and without having to go to your bank for signing papers, or for receiving receipts – everything will be made online.

Westpac Banking: manage your bank account right from your Windows 8 device

With Westpac Banking you can pay bills, transfer or receive money, view your recent payments and transactions and perform other operations without going to your bank. You will just use your Windows 8 tablet, laptop or desktop in order to administrate your bank account whether you are traveling, working, or relaxing in front of your TV.

Of course, using Westpac Banking is safe as the app comes with several security features, all your data, including your money and personal info being in safe hands. Securing your data is ensured by your bank, this app being an official client and not a third party app developed by untruthful devs. In that matter you will be able to log into your personal account only by using a SecurID Token authentication, while you can anytime choose to reset your password instantly with Westpac Protect™ SMS code.transfer money windows 8

If you want to use Westpac Banking, you should know that the app is available for free on Windows Store and that you can install the tool on any device you want since the software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows 8.1 platforms. Other banking operations can be performed from your Windows 8 device by using apps such as Bank of America or ING Bank (if you want to download any other dedicated banking app, don’t hesitate and search from the same on Windows Store).

Download Westpac Banking from Windows Store.


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