Ksynth is a new Cool Windows 8 app for Making Music

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Are you interested in checking how music is made? Or maybe you want to create your own sound effects and unique nature-like noises? Either way, now you can become a real DJ by using a new Windows 8 app, which will be shortly reviewed during the following lines.ksynth windows 8
As we all know, we can use our Windows 8 devices for completing various operations and especially for relaxing after a stressful day. In that matter we can play games, watch movies, install White Noise apps for listening to relaxing nature sounds or even to use audible tools for listening our favorite books right from our portable or desktop devices. Well, if you are a creative person, then you can use your handset in other ways too, as you can download the Ksynth software for learning how to make your own music, sounds or unique white noises.

Ksynth: a cool and interactive method for making music on Windows 8

You can now make music right from your Windows 8 device by using a DJ-like program. Thus Ksynth brings useful features that can help you become more creative in term of music, sound effects and white noises. With this new Windows 8 app you will be able to use two oscillators that can provide a Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square or Pulse waveform.

Moreover you can tune any sound or music, you can add filters, preload various patches and of course you can easily save and share your work. So, make music, listen to your creation, improve the same, mix your sound and in the end share everything with your friends, family or coworkers. As you will see, using Ksynth is fun and also addictive as you will constantly try to improve your skills.make music windows 8

Ksynth is compatible only with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 systems and can be downloaded from Windows Store, where it is priced at $1.99 – a free trial version is also available. So, download and test this software and share your impressions with us by using the comments field from below.

Download Ksynth from Windows Store.


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