Mathgician is a New Windows 8 Game to Solve Math Exercises with Others

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Are you really good at math? Do you want to see how good you are by comparing your skills with other users? Well, if you want to practice your math and solve different equations while battling with real time competitors, you should try Mathgician, a new Windows 8 app.mathgician windows 8
Learning and practicing math can be fun and this is not a joke. If you are passionate about solving exercises and other complex tasks then you can use your math knowledge in an interactive matter: by playing an addictive multiplayer Windows 8 game.

Of course the app can be used by advanced or entry level math lovers as you will be able to solve different puzzles and challenges in order to outbest your competitors. This will be indeed a fun way to learn math and also new tricks that can help you in school and in solving real life problems.

Mathgician: practice your math for free on your own Windows 8 device

Mathgician is a new game that was recently released on Windows Store. By using this app you will be able to subscribe to a large community of users who are playing against each other in order to solve math problems and challenges. The gameplay is revealing a complex journey where you will have to test your math skills in order to gain points, win magic potions and to slow down your competitors.practice math windows 8

Since Mathgician can be installed on any Windows 8 based device (the app is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT systems) you can play the game while traveling, while taking a break from your daily duties or whenever you feel like practicing your math in a fun and interactive way. If you like these kinds of apps, then you should also check CK-12, or iMath, which are great programs to use on your laptop, tablet or desktop.

Mathgician is available for free on Windows Store, so you can anytime test this new multiplayer game by yourself – don’t forget to feedback us in the end.

Download Mathgician from Windows Store.


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