Smash Everything in your Way With this new Windows 8 Game

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Do you want to play a game that never ends? Well, if you want to enjoy a real addictive app on your Windows 8 device then you definitely have to try Smash It! Glass Cracking hit, a new game from Windows Store.smash it windows 8
Do you like to smash things all the time, or do you have a restless personality? In that case, Smash it! will be the perfect app for you. By using this software you will basically be able to smash and destroy everything that stands in front of your little, though powerful, ball. Thus, we have another endless runner game (in that matter you should also try similar tools like Pocket Avenger, Temple Run, or Max Axe) that can be anytime installed on your Windows 8 powered tablet, laptop or desktop.

Smash it: an interactive and realistic way to smash everything you want

Smash It! Glass Cracking hit has a suggestive name in term of gameplay and story line. As pointed out during the introduction from above, the game is featuring an endless runner gameplay on which you will take control over a tiny, little, though destructive ball. While using this ball you will be able to make your way through various obstacles, mainly made out of glass.smash it gameplay

The tool also provides authentic visual and sound effects along with realistic and high res graphics, everything just for feeding your thirst for destruction. Playing this game is more than easy as you will only have to tap to throw balls, smashing glass and crystal obstacles in your way. The purpose is of course to gain points and to establish new high scores (in your way you will find several traps and obstacles, as for example collision with other objects decreases the number of balls you are using), which can then be shared with your friends or with your competitors.

Smash It! Glass Cracking hit is priced $2.49 on Windows Store and it is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT featured devices, so you can anytime test this interactive game on any handset you want.

Download Smash It! Glass Cracking hit from Windows Store.


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