Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher Released for Windows 8

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The business segment can be easily covered even when using a smartphone or tablet as you can download various dedicated business apps from Windows Store. In that matter, if you want to try something new, then you should read our short review from below, where we will discuss about the recently released Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher app.Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher windows 8
The portable devices have been developed in order to improve the mobile user experience, whether we are talking about laptops, tablets or smartphones. So, now you can use your Windows 8 powered handset for completing various operations for both business and entertainment purpose. In that matter you can anytime access Windows Store from where you can get free and paid apps; of course choose only the software that received good reviews, such as the Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher tool.

As mentioned, this software is dedicated for the business area as it features dashboards, scorecards, KPIs, excel integration, SQL Server integrations and other services that can ease your daily work.

Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher: The best business partner that can fit in your pocket

So what can you do once you install Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher on your Windows 8 based device? Well, mainly you can complete different tasks starting from creating charts, comparing data and results, sharing achievements and ending with developing SQL related tasks and ensuring excel presentations.windows 8 for bussiness

Basically, this tool is a must especially if you are directly working with the market department or if you need to show the results of your company to your business partners. With Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher you will be able to plan your daily schedule and you will be able to complete your tasks from home, while you are in a break or even when working, at the same time, on other projects.

Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher will smoothly run on any Windows 8 based device, the tool being compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT systems. The software is also free distributed on Windows Store, so you can anytime test the same by yourself.

Download Avanade Touch Analytics Publisher from Windows Store.


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