Croc’s World is a new Mario-Like Game Available for Windows 8

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If you want to play a similar game with Mario Bros on your own Windows 8 device then you should know that you have many options from where to choose. There are various games available on Windows Store that brings the Mario-like gameplay and user experience to your high end handset, one of these games being the recently released Croc’s World.Croc's World windows 8
With an addictive and fun to play story line Mario Bros managed to cheer up our childhood; since Marion is one of the most appreciated games that were ever made, now numerous devs are releasing similar apps for our portable and classic Windows 8 powered devices. The same happened with Croc’s World, which is a new project made available on Windows Store. Therefore, if you want to play a new game that comes with a classic and addictive gameplay along with other highly appreciated features, don’t hesitate and test Croc’s World, of course after checking our small review from below.

Enjoy a classic game with great graphics on your Windows 8 device

The best is that Croc’s World features a similar game play with classic Mario while bringing new game modes, combat tactics, an improved user experience, redesigned and new characters and also great graphics. Everything will be highly detailed and you will discover a great world where you will have to make your way through various obstacles and while winning different battles against your enemies.Croc's World gameplay

Croc’s World is a jump and run Windows 8 game that comes with more than 60 levels along with four different themes and many challenging enemies. The app has been recently released on Windows Store and it is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT platforms which means that it will smoothly run on any handset whether it is a tablet, laptop or desktop. Croc’s World is available for free on Windows Store, so don’t hesitate and download the same.

You can test other classic and redesigned games on your Windows 8 devices by checking our latest reviews – in that matter I recommend you to try Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams or Pinball Star.

Download Croc’s World from Windows Store.


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