1Password for Windows supports one-time password clipboard

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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A password manager is a vital tool in protecting your privacy on the internet. But, if you don’t have elephant memory, remember so many passwords will likely be impossible. While we still can use the old school solution of writing passwords down on paper, we all know that this isn’t ideal. The real problem with password managers arises when trying to access certain websites from other locations when you are not on your home computer. What then?

The obvious solution: 1Password

A secure password manager is the best bet.. 1Password is exactly that kind of password manager and was just updated with One Time Passwords (OTPs) support for Windows.

The app was initially designed for Mac and lagged behind on Windows. This doesn’t make it less valuable as a password manager. It enables you to store your passwords, your personal data and more login info in one secure vault which only you will be able to access. The app will synchronize your data across devices, and you will easily be able to retrieve and use your password on all of them.

The latest variant of 1Password features support for One Time Passwords (OTPs) which will also be temporarily copied to your clipboard. They will be used on a temporary computer where you need access to a website but you don’t want to store any password on that particular computer for others to see. Other features include faster sync between your device and the 1password.com server.


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