Who wants this 1TB microSD card for extra storage space?

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1TB microSD card news

The leading storage manufacturing companies Sandisk and Micron recently announced the world’s first 1-terabyte microSD cards at the Mobile World Congress.

Sandisk states that the new SD card will beat the existing UHS-I microSD card in terms of  speed. Both the cards offer excellent capabilities to all the users to record 4K video.

You can even consider switching your tablet and smartphone apps from internal storage to the latest 1TB SanDisk card because both of them are A2 certified.

The SanDisk’s microSDXC card offers read speeds of up to 160MB/s that beats Micron’s microSDXC card that has a read speed of 100MB/s. Both of them offer write speeds of 90MB/ and 95MB/s respectively.

Sandisk/ Micron 1TB microSD price

The enhanced performance and capabilities are enough for the users to expect an increase in the price. You will be able to buy a 1TB SanDisk card from a retail store by paying a handsome amount of $499.99.

If you are wondering about how much Micron’s 1TB card will cost, although the price details are not revealed yet, but we can expect the price to be same.

What does a 1TB microSD card mean to users?

As we know that the storage needs of users are increasing day by day. We know that 4K video and high-resolution photography are the major reasons behind that increase.

Most of the smart phones are now maximizing their storage capacities to upto 1TB. Those who cant afford to buy these expensive phones can use this microSD card to double their existing storage.

Today most of the storage space on out smartphones and tablets is consumed by the operating system. Users usually face difficulties while downloading more apps on their devices.

A 1TB microSD card is the best solution for their storage issues. Most importantly, the card can survive extreme temperature, shock, moisture and X-rays.

The 1TB SanDisk microSDXC will be widely available to the users in April 2019. While, Micron has provided any clear launch date and it is expected to be available in Q2 2019.


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