Microsoft brings 3D printing to Xbox and Windows 10 mobile users

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The concept of 3D printing is that you can generate a 3D object on your computer and then have a 3D printer recreate it in real life. The materialization of 3D objects from mere digital data is another sample of the possibilities technology can open up. Without getting too distracted by the future and what marvels it holds, Microsoft has taken an important step towards familiarizing consumers with 3D printing.

Since its release, Windows 10 on PC contained an app called 3D Builder. This app allows users to construct their own 3D schematic and then send the data over to a 3D printer so it can be shaped into reality. The app has been described as a tool that contains everything one might need when it comes to designing their own 3D prints.

The app does not limit the user to creating from scratch, as you can also take pictures and use elements from said pictures. While it most cases it is a bit redundant or at the very least gimmicky since we are talking about turning a 3D object into another 3D object, it could still be a fun feature to have but imagination is key.

As for Microsoft’s advancement in 3D printing, the company has now also introduced the app to Windows 10 for mobile but also the Xbox console. Now Microsoft has made a 3D printing design tool available on all its platforms, giving the entirety of its consumer base the means to create their own 3D prints.

All they need now is a 3D printer, which isn’t very cheap. While everyone will now have access to the means of creating their own designs, the vast majority of users will probably not benefit from this feature since 3D printing hasn’t reached a mainstream level by any mean.



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