5G, NFC and Wireless support expected in Surface Duo 2 pop up at FCC

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • The new Surface Duo 2 is to be announced in a Surface hardware event on September 22.
  • This is a follow-up on the first-ever Android phone from Microsoft.
  • The Surface Duo 2 has a bunch of new features that the previous one was missing.

Gear up as Microsoft has planned a Surface hardware event in a few hours to spill the beans on the new Surface Duo 2. The event takes place on September 22, and from the FCC documents leaked sometime last week, you can expect some features that were absent in the first Microsoft android phone to be present in this one,

5G support

As you may recall, the first Surface Duo did not have 5G support, but rumor has it that this one will. At the time of the release of the Surface Duo, 5G connectivity was a standard feature, but Microsoft opted not to include it, which made it a hard sell. It, however, dropped the prices later, so we are anticipating to see the launch prices. 

On September 17, FCC released documents for unreleased devices. From the information gathered, the Surface Duo 2 device will support 5G networks. In addition, both 5GHz and 6GHz frequencies will receive a boost in Wi-Fi performance.

Wireless support

Although the documents do not relay all the information and are keeping the juicy parts well hidden until the main event, what is for certain is that there is a ‘Wireless Power Transfer,’ meaning there is a standard Qi charging system. Speculations lead to the conclusion that they may support inductive charging.


According to the documents, the last Duo was missing NFC, but this next one purported to have it included. For a company to skip NFC inclusion, it means that contactless payments may be compromised, and only basic, cheap phones skip NFC. 

Same old, different design

According to a leak a few months ago, the Surface Duo 2 looks similar to the first one. The same dual-screen design remains only now, with a triple camera located at the back. The first one had only one camera. It seems that users should be prepared for the release of strange phones from Microsoft, but at least the features have improved. 

Some new features incorporated include the power button, which will now also serve as a fingerprint scanner

It will be interesting to see whether this release will also be a hard sell, but we can only wait and see the response.

Are the new Surface Duo 2 features enough to make you purchase one? Let us know in the comment section below.

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