HP Launches First 64-Bit Windows 8.1 Tablets, Intel Bay Trail Powered [MWC 2014]

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Intel has been hard at work perfecting their 64-bit processors, and a we had the opportunity to see them in action at the Mobile World Congress as well as see lots of devices powered by Intel’s processors. HP has taken the plunge to the Intel 64-bit platform and created the first Windows 8 tablets which work on the Intel 64-bit Bay Trail processors.
HP’s ElitePad 1000 is the first tablet running Windows 8 on the new 64-bit CPU,  but we’re very confident that it won’t be the last, as other companies are showing interest in the platform. HP’s ElitePad is a very good example of a Windows 8 tablet which is both powerful and great looking.

HP ElitePad 1000 is the first 64-bit Intel Bay Trail Tablet

Of course, we’re expecting more devices to populate the list, as Intel has invested a lot of time and effort in power efficiency in their last chips, so battery autonomy as well as processing power are steadily improving. But for now, we’ll focus on the HP ElitePad 1000, so here are the specs of this device:

  • Quad-Core Intel Bay Trail CPU
  •  10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1900 x 1200, which technically would provide a good pixel density, therefore quality images
  • Qualcomm Gobi 4G LTE, which is to be expected nowadays, as most content streaming would require a strong 4G connection
  • 64GB or 128GB of storage

As you might guessed, Intel is pushing 64-bit technology in hopes to make this a standard in the mobile world. 64-bit architectures will allow more memory addressing, therefore pushing further than the 4 GB which is the limit fox 32-bit/x86 architectures. Software developers are also tryding towards 64-bit apps, so this migration would be a win-win for  hardware manufacturers and software developers alike.

Of course, one might argue that there were other mobile devices which ran on 64-bit architecture like the Surface Pro 2, but these devices are more laptops than tablets, pushing the limits of size and weight. In a sense, we can say that the HP ElitePad 1000 is the first “real” Windows 8 tablet powered by the new Intel 64-bit Bay Trail CPU.


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