Acer Jade Primo isn’t getting the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Acer Jade Primo is a device that was released last year, one that Acer boasted about with its Windows 10 based functionalities. The star of the show back then, however, was the device’s Continuum support for mobile phones, but little did Acer or even Microsoft for that matter know that the Jade Primo wouldn’t be making waves a year later.

Since the device heavily relies on Windows 10 Mobile, it suffered a release delay due to Microsoft delaying the release of the OS. This means that Acer wouldn’t be drop their handset in 2015.

More bad news

Now, bad news rolls in once again for Jade Primo. Unfortunately for the handset’s owners, it won’t be receiving the Anniversary Update for its Windows 10 Mobile platform, either. This was confirmed by an Acer representative while talking to a German website called WindowsUnited. According to Acer, the software build presents unstable characteristics when paired with this particular mode. While one could wonder if that’s really the case or if there’s a bigger story here, the fact of the matter is that Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Edition won’t be making its way to this device.

Time for a change?

This might be a good time to consider purchasing another handset, so you could count it as a blessing in disguise. Software updates are very important because they keep multiple elements in check. For once, they bring new features and capabilities to a device, followed closely by the fact that they bolster its defenses. A device left outdated is a vulnerable target for outside attacks and threats.

Microsoft’s Anniversary Edition for the mobile version of Windows 10 is currently not live. However, if you find yourself unable to wait until it officially launches, you could try it out by becoming a Windows Insider. The Windows Insider program is a Microsoft initiative that allows people to test builds prior to their release.


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