Windows 10 October Update was not the most popular OS in January 2019

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So, here it is again. Another AdDuplex report has gone been public these days. This 2019 report, like previous data charts, casts light on the market shares and distribution of Windows 10 devices.

AdDuplex is a cross-promotion plexus for Windows apps and games. It periodically issues report about the market performance of Windows apps and devices. AdDuplex data is based on 50000 Microsoft Store Apps that operate its SDK.

So, what does this 2019 report tells about Window devices and updates?

According to the report, the Windows 10 April 2018 Update bags a greater number of users with the highest shares of 80.2%. However, the October 2018 Update is recorded as low as 12.4%. Among other updates, the Fall Creators Update (1709) lies at 4%, Windows 10 v1703 at 1.4% and version 1607 holds total 1.2% of market share.

Why hasn’t Windows 10 October Update hit a bigger market share?

It is noteworthy that the reported default issues of October 2018 Update could be an obstacle in attracting more users. After its primary rollout in October, the users reported that the app deleted files without their permission.

Although Microsoft had taken immediate action to fix this issue, still the update is struggling hard to create a prominent position in the market. It is because of this reason that it could only manage 6.6% of all Window users in early 2019, according to another report by AdDuplex.

What about Surface devices?

Windows 10 devices also stun with surprising statistics. Surface Go which has previously recorded market share of 12.6% in December 18 now falls at 9.2%.

Surface Pro 4 hits market at 25% showing an increase of 3.5% than last month. Other two devices Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro are doing well. Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro rest at 6.73% and 17.72%, respectively.

This was all about AdDuplex January 2019 report. Let us see what February brings for Microsoft.



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