Age of Empires Castle Siege to Launch for Windows 8.1

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Microsoft working alongside Smoking Gun Interactive will release for the month of September 2014 the new game “Age of Empires Castle Siege” specially made for Windows 8.1 operating systems. So if you ever played Age of Empires in your childhood and you are a strategy game lover then you will have the pleasure of trying this game on your Windows 8.1 system.
age-of-empires for Windows 8.1
cLike all the previous “Age of Empires” you had the chance to play on your PC this game has no shortage of complexity and the graphical features are over the roof. In “Age of Empires Castle Siege” for Windows 8.1 you can choose starting from the civilizations available like Teutons, Persians, Rus and many others to the desired military units available depending on the civilization you want to start with.

Age of Empires Castle Siege coming soon on Windows 8.1

Go ahead and build your walls and towers, defend your province and get on top of the charts because in “Age of Empires Castle Siege” you have the great multiplayer feature as you did in the previous games of Age of Empires and if this is not enough you will also be able to have access to Xbox live integration where you can create your alliances with your buddies and begin the battle for top spot in the leader boards.

Microsoft did not said exactly the hardware specs needed for “Age of Empires Castle Siege” on Windows 8.1 but I am sure we are going to find out the necessary specs as soon as the game is released for Windows 8.1 operating systems.

So if I got your attention after you read this article you only have to wait a little bit longer and prepare of the upcoming new strategy game Age of Empires Castle Siege on Windows 8.1 and start training your army and building your forts for the ultimate strategy battle.


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