Age of Empire: Castle Siege for Windows Gets Plenty of Bug Fixes

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Microsoft’s Age of Empire: Castle Siege for Windows Phone has recently got important updates to fix the bugs that made the app crash, thus improving stability. You can now attack your opponents without worrying that the connection could drop right in the middle of the battle. Also, other important changes in the gameplay have been made.

Here are some of the updates in terms of stability:

  • Many users have reported dropped connections during battle. Microsoft has addressed this issue and patched the vulnerabilities that caused dropped connections.
  • Sometimes, if you deployed many infantry at the opening of a battle, the app would crash. Now you can send in battle as many soldiers as you like without worrying about this particular crash.
  • Also, a crash during transitions in matchmaking has been fixed as well as another crash related to soldiers leaving siege towers.
  • The crashes that appeared when visiting castles, viewing replays, and at the end of battles have been fixed.
  • The crashes that occurred when using certain heroes or abilities have also been fixed.

Some changes have been made to the gameplay:

  •  Towers will now attack units even if not all of the squad is in range of the tower (the “flame tower bug”).
  • Cavalry will get in one hit (at least) when they catch up to a unit they are chasing.
  • Joan of Arc will can now convert all members of a squad, not just the units in range.
  • You can now place traps under decorations.
  • Belisarius no longer has the possibility to fire arrows when using Undermine.

Other updates:

  • Alliance members can send custom text messages and they appear in the Alliance Messages window which will now show even if players are promoted, demoted, kicked, or joined.
  • There will be a warning message on phone if pressing the back button would exit the game.
  • There is also a fix for siege towers sometimes not showing a death animation.
  • Fix for troops on walls appearing in front of instead of being adjacent towers.
  • Fix for some unit colors not changing when units die or get converted.

For more information and news, you can check out the Age of Empire blog.

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