AI-powered anti-ransomware protection is coming to Microsoft Defender

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • A new layer of protection has been added to Microsoft Defender using AI.
  • The aim is to take more control of ransomware attacks.
  • Human ransomware attacks have been on the rise lately and this move is much welcome.
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The research team at Microsoft Defender have come up with an AI-powered anti-ransomware for Microsoft Defender that will slow down the rising attacks.

The researchers have developed a cloud-based machine learning system. The system intelligently predicts a risk when queried by a device and is able to block subsequent steps by the attacker. 

The new layer of protection will go a long way in averting risk and protecting users from attacks.

“By considering indicators that would otherwise be considered low priority for remediation, adaptive protection stopped the attack chain at an early stage such that the overall impact of the attack was significantly reduced.”

Data driven decision

According to Microsoft, extensive research and experimentation drives the system’s data-driven decisions.

As such, the attacks are actively blocked without interfering with customer experience. In addition, due to the adaptive protection being AI-driven, the score assigned to a device is based on a set of patterns and features. The system is then able to analyze the data and gauge whether the system is vulnerable.

“This capability is suited in fighting against human-operated ransomware because even if attackers use an unknown or benign file or even a legitimate file or process, the system can help prevent the file or process from launching”

If users want to access the AI-driven protection, it is available to all Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customers that have enabled cloud protection.

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