Always-connected Windows laptops feature LTE connection advantages

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This year, laptops with built-in cellular connections are really popular, just one year after their launch to business customers. Qualcomm made the most significant connected PCs, and it’s also been pushing the Snapdragon platform as the future of mobile laptop computing.

This spring will bring a lot of goodies and among them is Windows on Snapdragon computers that run on Qualcomm’s smartphone processors and modems.

Windows on Snapdragon provides an integrated cellular modem, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi

Windows on Snapdragon does more than freeing you from the need to be connected to Wi-Fi; it’s a complete change to the whole Windows structure allowing it to run on CPUs that were originally designed for smartphones. Besides the massive architectural change, there are a few benefits worth noting as well such as instant resume from sleep, a more extended battery life, and cool and quiet machines. It’s not far-fetched to say that these new computers will work like smartphones: quietly, instantly and efficiently.

Windows 10 looks and works the same on always-connected PCs

For instance, on an Asus NovaGo, the interface is the same one that we’re used to, and we’ll be able to enjoy the same performance when switching virtual desktops, swiping through apps, interacting with the touchscreen, using the trackpad and more. The animations are fluid as well just like they are on any Windows laptop. Most Microsoft Store apps work the same. Another great thing is that you won’t need any fans considering that the CPU in such always-connected PCs is the same Snapdragon 835 chip for Android smartphones.

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More great features of always-connected PCs

Here are more advantages that we’ll be able to enjoy while using these PCs:

  • The always-available LTE connection is great, and you won’t need to rely on nasty public Wi-Fi anymore.
  • The same Asus NovaGo mentioned above still maintains a connection to get emails and updates even when the lid is closed, and the laptop is in standby mode.
  • Resuming Windows on a Snapdragon computer from sleep is similar to how you wake up a smartphone; just press the power button, and you’re all ready to go.
  • The battery life is long, and we’re looking at about 12 hours on these Snapdragon PCs running Windows.
  • It’s better to stick to Microsoft Edge rather than install the Chrome browser in term of performance.

Overall, using Windows on Snapdragon computers comes with lots of advantages even if there’s still more work needed to push these machines even further. For the moment such machines are more appropriate for casual users rather than users who rely on third-party utilities.


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