Amazon might release an app for Windows 10 computers

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Amazon has already “killed” its Windows Phone application, but it sent out some emails this weekend in order to remind customers that this is happening. However, it is good to know that if you own a computer or tablet that runs on Windows OS, you can use the “not-so-popular” Amazon Shopping App.

There are also reports which are suggesting that Amazon is currently working on a new Windows 10 application that will replace the current Amazon Shopping App. Unfortunately, the new application will not be a native universal app for Windows, which means that you will most likely not be able to use it on a mobile device, which is kind of frustrating.

It seems that the upcoming Amazon app for Windows 10 will be a project Westminster app built off Amazon’s web-app which is similar to Microsoft Sway app and TripAdvisor. What’s great about apps build using the Project Westminster is that they are updated via cloud and require less maintenance than other native Windows applications.

According to Windows Central, converting a Westminster app to a mobile app is not that hard. In other words, if Amazon will want to bring its application to mobile devices, it will be able to do it. In other words, not all hopes are lost when it comes to Windows Phone users.

Unfortunately for Amazon, its applications are not used as much as the company would have wanted. However, that doesn’t mean that Amazon wants to leave the Windows Store, as there are still many people who are enjoying this application and use it daily to search and buy stuff from this website.

If Amazon will bring a new application for Windows 10 Computers, will you test it out? Do you think that the company will also bring this upcoming application to mobile devices?



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