Amazon assures users New World is safe despite bricked GPUs claims

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • New World players are complaining of an issue while playing that is affecting their GPUs and causing them to break.
  • Amazon refutes the claims and assures users that the game is safe to play.
  • Various tests conducted imply that PCs can play the game and are not affected indicating there might be another underlying issue.

Amazon has been updating users on the recent antics of graphic card bricking in the New world. Players are finding their hardware obstructed and they can do nothing about it. Numerous reports from support forums largely indicate that they have dead GPUs.

Amazon refutes claims

Amazon has been quick to dispute those claims of hardware failing has nothing to do with the New world game. According to the investigations they have carried out, no unusual behavior has been detected from the game that could be the cause of these issues.  

Amazon assures its users that New World is completely safe to play and are urging users who are experiencing problems with the hardware to contact their manufacturers and consult on the issue. New World has been running on varied PCs for a while and none of the systems has reported such issues. 

Amazon further says that PCs exhibiting such issues may be as a result of installing the newly launched Windows 11.

What could be the cause?

Despite the many reassurances by Amazon, forums across the interwebs are accusing New World of the reason behind the death of their GPUs. On the flip side, there may be parts of a code exerting undue pressure on a graphics card causing the bricks in GPUs. 

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