Official AMC app comes to the Xbox One

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Every Xbox one owner knows that the multi-functional console is not limited to just playing games. There are a number of facilities to choose from in the platform. Like controlling your console via a smartphone or a tablet, making video calls, and of course, watching movies and serials.

If you recall, a few weeks ago Fandango made their debut on Xbox one with their dedicated app for the console. It comes with a vast library of movies and TV shows to choose from and have them stream to the console. After the massive response it received from Xbox One users, there are other big names stepping in as well.

Just recently AMC Network Entertainment LLC, has released an Xbox app to help its users keep track of their favorite shows and TV serials. Xbox One users can spot the recently released AMC application on the Xbox Store. The app serves up the latest full episodes and video clips from the cable network’s slate of shows.

American Channel (AMC), is majorly known for producing the infamous show The Walking Dead; now allowing users to stream the latest episodes of the seventh season. The show is currently being aired in Spain and USA. This makes it a little easier for Xbox One owners to keep up with the series.  Also, avoid the wave of spoilers that floods most social media networks.

The only downside is that the app is currently available in English only. Despite the app being up on the Spanish Store.

Those who are familiar with the AMC’s PC version of the app (also available on Windows Store) have a slight advantage here. They are familiar that there is no sign up needed to stream several extra clips and episodes. They are available for shows like The Walking Dead, Preacher, Better Call Saul and Humans, among others. The Xbox app is to work in the same way.

Although, you do need to sign in to gain full access to seasons of available shows. You can do that by using the credentials of a TV subscription provider.

It is good to see the platform expanding its catalog of applications, ranging from games to movies and serials, and there is still more to come. There are rumours HBO Spain’s app for Xbox One is reportedly in the works as well.


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