American Express & Bank of America Ready Their Windows 10 Apps

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Developers are constantly developing new apps for Windows 10 platforms, which is great, but Windows Store still lacks some financial solutions for users, like banks’ official apps. But luckily, that also started to change, as American Express and Bank of America are preparing their brand new apps for Windows 10.

American Express and Bank of America Official Windows 10 Apps are Coming

American Express has made its new app for Windows 10 Mobile recently, and now the app also arrives to Windows 10 PCs and tablets. The new version of the app ditched the old Amex Mobile name, and changed some of its features.

American Express app allows you to make payments from your Windows 10 device, keep track of your credit card activity, and check your Membership Rewards points. So if you’re a client of this bank, the new app will be very useful to you.

american express windows 10 app

Along with American Express, Bank of America also announced that its official Windows 10 app is in the works. The app isn’t available in the store yet, but it will arrive very soon. Bank of America also had its own app for Windows Phone 8.1, but like a lot of other companies, it also discontinued the app for Windows 10.

We still don’t have an insight into features of the upcoming Bank of America Windows 10 app, but they’ll probably be similar to American Express’ solutions, as you’ll be able to do some basic banking stuff, like making payments, checking your balance, of america app

Big companies have a lot of interest in making their own apps for Windows 10 platform. Which is very good for Microsoft, because the company will finally be on the way to solve one of the biggest problems on Windows Store, the lack of apps. On the other hand, companies will also benefit from Windows 10 apps, because the system has more than 110 million users (and counting), so it’s a great source of additional profit, and promotion.


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