Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings Android and iOS support

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Microsoft is finally implementing a feature that will allow users to sync their PC’s with mobile devices, with support for Google’s Android platform while the Apple iPhone next in line to receive it.

This is a great function for everyone, but especially for those that love multitasking. If you can’t picture your day without multitasking or quickly switching between platforms, you will probably love the new feature too. It allows for cloud synchronization between devices and brings a lot of opportunities to the table.

How it works

It’s important to note that this feature is not yet live but still part of the Windows Insiders program. There, the latest Windows 10 build contains it and is available for those that are eager to try it out. To actually get it to work, users must sync their phones with their PCs through the Settings menu, more specifically the Phone tab. From there, users will encounter a prompt requiring their phone number. Once the phone number is given, Microsoft will send the user a text message containing the link to test the app.

Apple users, rejoice!

It’s understandable why the Apple version might take a bit longer since it’s known that the iOS platform is generally a little trickier to use with other services outside Apple’s closed garden. That being said, it’s just a matter of time before iPhone users will also be able to benefit from this feature too.

That’s great news, especially for the business sector, which is known to like iPhones quite a lot. They also happen to be the user group that profits most from multitasking and inter-device linkage so it seems like everything is aligning pretty nicely.

It’s new but it’s not breaking the ice

The new feature will bring a lot of innovative and fresh ideas to the table, but it’s not exactly a 100% new concept. Similar features have been available for a pretty long time. This can be considered as a modern iteration of what was already available in some shape or form. It’s definitely more efficient and worth using since its predecessors weren’t really the talk of the town.

With this addition to the list of features coming out with the next update, many Windows users are eager to get their hands on the full Falls Creators Update which is already shaping up to be quite the addition to the Microsoft Windows family.



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