Windows 10 Anniversary Update install takes too long

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As much as users are hurrying to get their hands on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it appears that the update itself isn’t as eager to run on their computers. Many users are reporting that installing Windows 10 version 1607 takes too long, and the installation process sometimes remains stuck at a particular stage for hours on end.

How fast updates install depends on various factors, such as your computer’s processing power or the speed of your Internet connection, among other elements. However, if the install process remains stuck at a certain percentage for hours on end or advances too slowly, this probably means there is a bug somewhere preventing your computer from properly installing the updates.

Users are complaining the Anniversary Update install takes too long

How long does the working on updates supposed to last? Mine’s been at 93% for about an hour.

EDIT: Decided to just stay at the previous build version.

Many users on Reddit are reporting the Anniversary Update installation process often remains stuck at various percentages for hours on end. The users who have already encountered such issues suggest that if the update remains stuck for more than two hours, the computer should be restarted.

In case you decide to perform a restart, you should also clean the drivers before trying to install Windows 10 version 1607 once again. To do this, you can type the command rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll,RunDLL_PnpClean /DRIVERS /MAXCLEAN in Command Prompt and then restart your computer. Also, peripherals could slow down the installation too, so make sure they’re all disconnected during the upgrade process.

The majority of users who encountered slow install issues eventually decided to roll back to their previous Windows OS. Others stubborn users simply restarted their computers and resumed the installation process until they managed to get the update on their machines.

Before giving up on installing the Anniversary Update, you should also try to install the OS using the ISO file. You can also check out the workarounds suggested in this fix article.


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Sanles, Thank you!! Just like Sylvia, I had tried several times (because Microsoft only lets you postpone it, not avoid it!) and it always hung up with the spinner going. So, while it was hung this time, I ripped out the dongle for my wireless mouse and the screen immediately blanked. When it didn’t come back after a minute or two, I did a hard power down and up. From there, it carried thru on the install and it looks like it’s good to go. I NEVER would have thought that would have made any difference. I certainly don’t love Windows 10, but I don’t see escaping it. This at least eased the tension, at least for the moment. Thank you thank you thank you

Thanks Charles. This is about the 5th time I’ve tried this and it finally worked by removing the mouse dongle. How did you figure this out?

same here, stuck on update after 12 hours…….I did a hard shut down, and restored to previous installation. WTF? this is just plain stupidv 2/21/17

Mine got stuck installing until I removed the mouse dongle then it all went OK. The real problem struck when I discovered both mouse and keyboard were dead. Solved that problem by turning off and on power, it eventually started normally after a doing this few times. The next day the dead mouse and keyboard happened on startup again. I had already wasted hours on this problem so I rolled back Windows to an earlier build and haven’t had a problem since. My PC was originally Win 7 updated to Win 10. I’ve noticed that original Win 10 PCs didn’t have any problems at all with the Anniversary Update

F..k you Microsoft….a..holes… taking forever and I did not have an option to defer…f..k you again…am going the Linux way…bast…erds

Problem is, if you move to linux you will miss over 2,000 more anger-inducing Microsoft fails during the coming decade.

I’d rather use my iMac, but I have to teach a class on a Windows PC so I’m stuck. Second attempt to update and I’m at 16 hours, Little spinning circle, no progress at all. If it were within my power, I’d trash talk Windows and Microsoft and Bill Gates. But I’d only be one voice amongst the masses. Windows sucks. I may try to run it on my Mac- heard that Macs run Win better than Win machines like HP and such.

i rlly hate windows.all the New Updates Take Forever i waited around 12 hours and its stuck at 91%should i just restart my computer? and is it okay to just restart it- i dont want it to start again on its own. this sucks. windows should make an update whhere you can decline all the fucking updates

My pc tried to install windows 10 Anniversary update. After 20 hours of waiting, I turned my pc off. Yesterday, a second attempt was unsuccessful too (10 hours of waiting). The install process remains stuck at 91%. This is ridiculous!

11 hours now, still updating. This is beyong ridiculous. I had so much work to do today and now im stressed out because i have no idea how to get everything done now. Thank you, microsoft. Really… fuck you.

It would be good to clarity what is going on. Pretty sure this anniversary update is happening now on one of my computers. Extremely slow, but the main distinctive feature is a notice at the bottom of the screen saying that it’s going to reboot several times. (Not in English, so that’s just my rough translation.) It’s possible that it already happened to another computer, but if so, it was much faster on that machine.

Well, I have a Far East version of Windows (where we live) although the PC is set to English, so maybe it has to unscramble its update and translate in the background over 10 or 20 hours…. but only Microsoft have the answer to that secret they keep to themselves.