Windows 10 Anniversary Update revamps the UAC prompt

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings a series of graphic changes to the user interface, although some users are not very happy when they see the menu and app font size is smaller after they install the update. This is not the only change visible on Windows 10 version 1607, as this the OS also revamps the User Account Control window.

The UAC prompt appears when elevated access is required to modify system files. For example,the pop-up windows appear when users want to access particular system directories, when they launch the Registry Editor to change registry entries, or when they install particular programs.

The User Account Control helps users to prevent malware from damaging their PCs as it can block the automatic installation of unauthorized apps and prevents inadvertent changes to system settings. The feature offers a higher level of compliance in the systems where administrators must consent or provide credentials for each administrative process.

This is the new UAC prompt in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update:

anniversary update uac prompt

The option “Show more details” shows you the location of the program requiring to make changes on your computer, and also allows users to access the certificate of the app’s publisher.

The current design of the UAC prompt was first introduced in build 14328, and it brings a fresh and modern UI to align with the design tendencies in use across Windows 10.

UAC prompt windows 10 build

Speaking of the UAC prompt, security researchers have recently discovered a flaw which lets attackers slip malware through the UAC gate and enter users’ computers. This is possible because there is a vulnerability in the Windows 10’s SilentCleanup task that allows hackers to bypass the UAC.

The researchers alerted Microsoft about this issue, but the tech giant says this is not a security problem. Microsoft’s answer is baffling, but the company should nevertheless push a fix as soon as possible to reassure its users.



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