Anno 1800 reported bugs: low FPS, game crashes and more

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Anno 1800 game issues

It’s the dawn of the industrial revolution, folks. Blue Byte has released its newest title in the Anno franchise, and namely Anno 1800.

While still in open beta, the beloved city builder/real time strategy game brings the player at the dawn of the industrial revolution, in the wake of the 19th century.

Core aspects of Anno 1800

Your actions will have a more profound impact, the industrialization of your island affecting the neighbouring inhabitants. The game offers a fresh new campaign, as well as a sandbox mode, so you can bring the fires of industry at your own pace.

Blue-prints are a new feature added to the game, which allows the player to design his town in a silhouette style, without the need to spend resources.

And the building can be completed when the player has amassed the required resources to build it. Another new feature is tourism, which does exactly what is says, in terms of how attractive your city is, more and more people will likely visit it.

The catch to the tourism aspect is, that the player will have to find a balance between the messy industry and the natural surrounding beauty. Tourists brings profits to your city, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking of creating a steam-fuelled utopia.

Now that we’ve covered the core aspects of the game, let’s discuss the bugs and glitches that the game has been reported to have.

We sure don’t want progress to be halted down by technical issues, but numerous users have shared their experiences on Steam threads.

Common Anno 1800 bugs so far:

  1. FPS issues
  2. Game crashing
  3. Quest bugs
  4. Game not downloading
  5. Graphical bugs
  6. Uplay DLC bug
  7. Uplay friend request bug
  8. Steam and Uplay activation issues

1. FPS issues

There are instances of players reporting that game experiences frame drops, some slowing to a near crawl.

game is stuck at 10fps no matter the settings i use (went from high to med to low but still 10 fps)

2. Game crashing

Some players have reported the game crashing at start-up.

Odd game crashes for me when trying to load it, specs arent a issue, it just doesnt want to load, and judging by the discussions seems to be a lot of issues people are having. welp guess ill wait for updates/patches

3. Quest bugs

Players have experienced issues with a faulty campaign. With inventory items not showing up properly, while some npc’s aren’t interactable to begin with.

went to play my saved campaign, but it seems quests are bugged? i have 11 sails in my inventory and yet the campaign quest for 4 sails isnt registering, and resident quests arent allowing me to click on them either

4. Game not downloading

The game has been present in the Steam store for a short time, and many people have reported problems with downloading Anno 1800.

I attempted to pre-load it last night, it ‘finished’ and now It refuses to finish downloading. Its at 99%. Do I need to re-download it or?

5. Graphical bugs

We all know how important having an up-to-date DirectX can be, but some users have experienced issues with the map shadows. Even though they’ve tried switching between DirectX versions.

Seems the shadow maps bug out. Tried switching between DX11/12 but doesn’t seem to fix anything.

6. Uplay DLC bug

Users that use both Steam and Uplay have experienced problems with checking their in-game purchases, in this case we’re talking about DLC’s.

After running game in UPLAY I see option to buy DLC – but I already have them…Why UPLAY do not know that I have DLCs bought from Steam ? Or is it just UPLAY bug?

7. Uplay friend request bug

We all know how important is this to be able to share your experience with friends and family alike. But there are reported instances where players were not able to invite other players to their game sessions.

Uplay was unable to send invite. Trying to invite friend to my game but I’m getting this message, the hell Ubisoft, this better not be because it’s on steam.

8. Steam and Uplay activation issues

Wheter some choose a game client over the other, activation keys shouldn’t be an issue. But a number of individuals have expressed their dissatisfaction over this problem.

Hi there. I have had some issues with installing the game but it seems that now i have an Uplay activations key that i simply can’t find in steam.

And here we have the common bugs reported so far.

In the meantime, let us know in the comment section down below on what other bugs have you encountered while playing Anno 1800.


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